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The UK has experienced a sudden cycling boom, as many people have adopted the sport for exercise, travel and leisure, since the Coronavirus lockdown began.

Brompton, the UK’s largest bike manufacturer, has seen a fivefold increase in online bike sales since the start of April and it is possible that figures will continue to rise as people re-consider their commutes upon returning to work. 

According to CyclingUK, around 25 million people in the UK own a bike. As a nation, we cycle around 2.5 billion miles every year - and this distance is growing. 

The facts speak for themselves; the popularity of cycling is very much on the rise, but what are the benefits drawing people in?

A chain of benefits

It’s an obvious one but probably the most important – cycling regularly is great exercise! It can help improve your heart health and reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes. Plus by cycling just under 10 mph for 20 minutes, you can burn 93 calories! A number of studies have also shown that cycling can positively affect your mood and emotions. With many gyms still closed, cycling has become a popular way to keep fit.

By choosing to cycle instead of taking the car, you can also help improve the health of local people by cutting air pollution. Fewer cars on the roads means less air pollution - the UK has experienced this first hand in recent months, with some cities seeing nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels fall by up to 60% on the same period last year. NO2, released from car exhausts, is a serious air pollutant and also indirectly contributes to the warming of the planet.

Our approach to design

We create great places to live which encourage people to get out and about and cycle more. This is something we look at from the very beginning. When forming the plans for our developments we are guided by eight urban design principles. Two of these principles focus on the needs of cyclists, like the principle ‘Easy to get around’ which encourages our place designers to consider how a development can be configured to provide direct routes for both cyclists and pedestrians. The design principle titled ‘Streets for Life’ draws the attention of our place designers to the need to reduce vehicle speeds on the roads and streets making it safer to cycle.

Keeping the cogs turning

In summary cycling is good for your health; mentally & physically, and good for the environment! There has never been a better time to….get on your bike!

At Redrow 'A better way to live' plays an integral part when it comes to developing thriving communities, building responsibly and valuing people across all our developments. You can find out more here

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