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New Homes in Leicestershire for Sale

Redrow’s new builds in Leicestershire provide the ideal property for any buyers looking for stunning builds in the area. Our aim is to ensure you feel proud to be the owner of a charming Redrow home and, with our extensive range of homes in this vibrant county to suit every taste, budget and lifestyle - yet without sparing any amount of pride or detail in their creation, anyone can find a Redrow property to suit them.

Whether you’re looking for a home in a bustling city or in the rural countryside, one of our new homes in Leicestershire will suit you and, no matter where you are, you’re still guaranteed the same charm and quality of all Redrow properties. Our new build homes in Leicestershire leave nothing missing in terms of prime locations, with ease of travel to the main cities in the UK.

The Perfect New Builds in Leicestershire for Your Family

A wonderfully charming part of the country, Leicestershire has the River Soar running through it and the immense National Forest that provide a unique charm. This gorgeous countryside runs alongside stunning cities like Leicester and Loughborough, full of ancient architecture and modern entertainment, making it a prime location to live.

Keep active by visiting the local sports centres and facilities with activities for the entire family. You can also go cycling to stay fit in and healthy by joining cycling groups, taking cycling courses, or simply exploring the local cycling routes. Watch a show by Britain’s oldest surviving travelling theatres, with amazing performances, live music, and live film to entertain the entire family.

Redrow’s incentives are ideal for British Armed Forces looking to buy a new home. We also help you to purchase one of our new homes in Leicestershire with as little as a 5% deposit. Whatever your budget, we help you find the perfect new home within your financial means alongside providing you with a choice of incentives to help you purchase your property.

New Homes in Leicestershire Connected to Main Cities

Our diverse range of new builds in Leicestershire caters to all types of buyers, whether you want a detached family home or a small contemporary apartment, a rural location or a built-up area, we will be able to help. Whether this county is an old friend to you or entirely unknown, it is worth knowing that it is a decidedly well-connected area in terms of transport availability. With the East Midlands airport one mile from Castle Donnington and the M1 running through Leicester, commuting is no problem at all.

The Midland Main Line is also perfect for getting to London and Yorkshire, so if you buy one of our new homes in Leicestershire you won’t have any problem travelling near or far. Leicestershire is also the proud owner of many notable private schools, and three well-known Universities, meaning there is no shortage of great education in the area for your children. The county is also home to stunning culture; with three large orchestras and many other attractions like Twycross Zoo and multiple exquisite castles. Visit Redrow today to find stunning new builds in Leicestershire.

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