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Children's bedroom ideas that will grow with them

20th October 2023
Redrow  Inspiration  Childrens Bedroom ideas that will grow with them

As our children grow, how they use their bedrooms changes. More often than not, that means parents and family members constantly searching for new children's bedroom ideas and decorating tips to keep up with the latest trends.

However, rather than a wholesale bedroom makeover that can be costly and time-consuming, consider adapting the space so that it evolves gradually with time. Bedroom styling can support a child’s development, encouraging their independence and learning through play. Before you know it, what was once your baby’s nursery will become a teen’s dream den. Read on for children’s bedroom ideas that are fun, stylish and practical in equal measure.

Redrow  Inspiration  Childrens Bedroom ideas  Bedroom Furniture

Children's bedroom storage ideas

Timeless children’s bedroom furniture and storage options, as demonstrated in our Henley show home, pictured below, provides versatility that won’t feel outdated and shouldn't need replacing as your child grows.

Redrow  Inspiration  Childrens Bedroom ideas  The Henley

“Even the most decorative kids' designs will stand the test of time if infused with functionality,” said Helen Joseph , from our in-house interior design team.

Using baskets for storage is a great option for soft toys, and can add a bit of texture if you're looking for colourful and playful kids' bedroom ideas. Use coloured boxes, stools and shelves as pops of colour around the room.

Think about using storage options that are also functional furniture. Boxes can be seats, or bookshelves can be painted in chalkboard paint to create a makeshift easel for budding artists. Blanket boxes and ottomans are a great bedroom storage idea for kids, and can be used to stow away a variety of items including toys and shoes.

Sturdy boxes can also double as a seating area by adding a cushioned top. “Relaxation and wellness are important so prioritise cocooning and tactile seating that invites rest,” Helen added. “Invest in lounging furniture for all ages; floor mats and roll-up mattresses appeal to toddlers and younger children, while comfy bean bags, day beds and reclining chairs give teens a comfortable place to relax.”

Redrow  Inspiration  Childrens Bedroom ideas  Space for homework

Children’s bedroom layout ideas

Having a safe space to play is important in a young child’s bedroom. “Focus on an overall sense of comfort by choosing curvilinear shapes and rounded edges for furniture and wall shelving. Further this with softly textured materials to enhance the feeling of nourishment and care,” says Helen.

Space for homework is increasingly important as children progress through their school years. Factors to consider include the choice of desk, chair and lighting. “For tween and teen rooms, embrace chairs in chunky corduroy, sherpa fleece and faux fur, provide a relaxing space where children through to teens can rest and study.”

Redrow  Inspiration  Childrens Bedroom ideas  Books

Children’s bedroom paint ideas

When planning kids' room ideas, the colour is usually the first thing you'll decide. Having a colour scheme or theme that can be adapted as your child grows can help save time and money, but of course, it's also important to use a colour they like!

Finding a compromise between parents’ and children’s tastes is important. As children develop their own personality and style, they’ll want to have a greater say in how their bedroom looks. Start small by asking them to help choose accessories and then over time you can give them more choice and freedom to express themselves!

Choose a neutral colour palette as a base and build on this to create a stylish kids' room by layering up accessories such as lighting, artwork, and bed linen in bolder prints and tones.

If you are unsure where to start drawing inspiration from, local surroundings and nature are a great start. “Bringing a restorative quality to children’s and teens' spaces with decor that mimics the rich, lush greenery and forms found in nature” Helen suggested.

Hobbies and interests can influence the theme of the décor in a child’s bedroom, too. During their younger years, a favourite book or TV show could provide interior inspiration, then later perhaps a favourite musician or hobby such as sport or photography.

Redrow  Inspiration  Childrens Bedroom ideas  The bed

Children’s bed ideas

Creating the right sleep environment is important when styling your child’s bedroom and that includes the choice of bed.

The cot-to-bed transition is a milestone in your child’s development. “Invest in multifunctional designs such as evolving or convertible beds and modular shelving systems that can adapt to the needs of children as they grow and be customised to their individual needs,” says Helen.

Consider a ‘high sleeper’ or ‘midi sleeper’ bed with added furniture, storage or even a desk area or play space beneath. These are great for children’s rooms where space is at a premium, much like bunk beds.

Beds with built-in storage can also help save space. Options include divan beds with under-bed drawers or an ottoman style kids' bed, which uses a sprung opening to lift your base and mattress to reveal a storage cavity beneath.

Bedding and soft furnishings can be used to switch things up as your child grows. “Invest in pieces which can be adapted and reinvented as children grow such as rugs and cushions in the shape of flowers or leaves. Current trends are for all-over patterns for bedding and wall coverings that feature a diverse range of flora and fauna, but these also have a timeless appeal,” says Helen.

Redrow  Inspiration  Childrens Bedroom ideas  Bedding and soft furnishings

Discover what makes Redrow homes and developments the perfect place for your children to grow up thanks to our focus on playmaking.

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