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Finding the Perfect Property Location

31st August 2018
Redrow | Inspiration | Redrow houses

When you’re moving home, as well as deciding what sort of property you’re looking for, it’s also important to consider the location that you’re going to focus your search on.

Whilst the majority of buyers move within just a few miles of where they already live, being flexible about where you’re prepared to look for your next property can open up a much greater choice. In some cases, you may find your budget will go a little bit further, which potentially could make your dream home a reality.

Looking for a home outside of an area you know well does take a degree of research. It’s not just the property itself that needs to work for you, but your new neighbourhood too.

What are the pros and cons of potentially moving to new surroundings?

First things first, consider if you want to live somewhere rural, or if you want to live in a more central location. How important is it to be able to walk to the shops or a local pub? Or are you happy to live somewhere more remote that means a short journey for most daily needs, for example popping out in the car to get a pint of milk?

Redrow | Inspiration | Bus stop sign It’s also important to look at commuting times to work, and how far it is for schools if you have children. If you don’t drive or need to use public transport, how close by are the links you’ll need?

Talking education

If you have little ones, then the quality of local schools may also prove a deciding factor in your next purchase. If that’s the case, time spent on the Ofsted website may be valuable in order to determine the better-performing schools and where the catchments areas are. 

To help your detective work, these days you can find out all sorts of essential information online. This includes Council Tax, crime rates, and healthcare facilities, as well as a raft of more community-led information; local clubs, teams and leisure activities. Again, it’s worth taking the time to have a cuppa and get online to familiarise yourself with all of this.

Whilst there is a lot you can find out from the comfort of your sofa, nothing actually beats getting out and seeing any new area you’re considering, to get a real feel for the place. Wander down the high street; stake out the local supermarkets, leisure facilities and beauty spots. Have a drink in the local bar or pub to see if it’s somewhere you would want to go.

Redrow | Inspiration | Tudor style architecture It’s important that your purchase stacks up on paper, but it’s just as important to make sure that it feels right to you too.

Taking some time and care with your research will ensure that you make the right decision financially, and also means that your new property will feel like home sooner rather than later.

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