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How to keep your house cool this summer

31st May 2024
Redrow - Inspiration - How To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Your first summer in a new home is always special. Even if you’ve been in your new home a while or are waiting to move, after months of cold and wet weather we’re all ready for the warmer months. Dining with the patio doors wide open, children playing outside, drying your washing on the line, or enjoying barbecues or picnics are just some of the signs of summer.

Due to hotter, drier summers and climate change, you may be concerned about overheating and wondering how to keep your new home cool during hot weather. The good news is our new homes are well insulated and designed to ensure you don’t overheat during hot weather. Read on to discover our top tips on how to cool your house in a heatwave, including how to get a good night’s sleep on a hot summer night.

Redrow - Inspiration - Redrow Home with Patio Doors Open

4 reasons why you’ll keep cool in a new build home in summer

Our Eco Now Homes and our “zero carbon ready” Eco Electric Homes are built using a ‘Fabric First’ approach. This means energy efficiency is built into their fabric through advanced insulation and an efficient heating system. Our new build homes are designed to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Air source heat pumps provide heating and hot water in our Eco Electric Homes. This will help to future proof our homes, making them completely gas-free and ‘zero-carbon ready’, while helping reduce energy use. In our detached Eco Electric homes under floor heating is included as standard to the ground floor.

  1. Latest research from the HBF suggests homeowners can save an average £2,575 on their annual energy bills.
  2. New windows keep the sun’s heat outside in summer, with many of our homes benefitting large bay windows that offer lots of natural light. We avoid excessive glazing in our homes as this reduces overheating in the summer and heat loss in winter.
  3. Windows will shut tight to keep warm air outside and cool air won’t escape through the window frames.
  4. Low-energy light fittings are installed in all properties as standard.
  5. Make the most of the sun by adding solar panels and converting the sun’s rays into energy for your home via My Redrow.

Redrow - Inspiration - Bedding with Luxury Bedding

5 low tech ways to keep your home cool

If you’re looking for a simple answer to how to keep your home cool in the summer, try these low tech solutions.

  1. Keep windows and curtains or blinds closed. Blackout curtains or blinds are ideal as they will block out the sun’s rays. They can also help ensure you’re not waking too early on lighter mornings.
  2. Leave internal doors in your home open to help air circulate. If one room is particularly hot and you don’t need to use it, consider closing that door.
  3. Technical manager Daniel Hastings said: “If safe and secure to do so, external doors, windows and other ventilation openings should be opened during the cool early morning to allow stored heat to escape from your home.”
  4. Local individual extractor fans in shower rooms, bathrooms and kitchens aren’t normally intended to run continuously, but they can also be used during hot weather to boost ventilation air flows.
  5. Keep trickle vents open at all times.

5 simple switches to keep cool and save energy

Energy efficient features in new homes are designed to help save the planet and save you money all year round, not just in the winter when you’re likely to have the heating and lights on longer. With these simple switches you could save energy while keeping your home cool this summer.

  1. Low energy LED lights are fitted in new Redrow homes.
  2. “If you don’t already live in one of our homes, fit low energy LED lights throughout your home. LEDs emit less heat than traditional bulbs so should help keep the room cooler,” Daniel added. Find out more about the energy efficient features of our new homes, including Eco Electric and Eco Now homes.
  3. The air fryer is perhaps THE most popular kitchen appliances. It’s not just a quick and convenient way of cooking, it also means you’re not standing close to a hot oven or hob while cooking.
  4. Turn off anything that generates heat if it’s not needed and don’t leave devices such as mobile phones and tablets on charge longer than necessary. This should help your gadget retain its battery life and could also lower energy bills.
  5. Hang your washing out to dry on the line rather than rely on the tumble dryer. “Along with saving energy and helping keep your energy bills low, this will leave your laundry with that lovely line fresh fragrance,” Daniel added.

Redrow Inspiration - Home Cool In Summer - 60225

4 ways to keep cool working from home in summer

As temperatures rise, you may find your concentration and productivity slips without the cooling comfort of an air-conditioned office. We’ve put together a handy guide on how to work from home effectively. You can also follow these tips to help keep cool working from home in the summer:

  1. Work in the coolest part of your home, even if this means moving in the opposite direction to the sun throughout the day.
  2. Make the most of the natural light in your home rather than working under the glow of a lamp.
  3. If you have a study, open the windows at the end of the working day, when it’s cooler, to let some air flow into your workspace and shut the door behind you.
  4. Consider switching up your working hours so that you’re not working during the hottest part of the day. If you work from home and are looking for flexible study space ideas, read our guide to creating the ideal dual purpose space for co-working, homework and more.

Redrow Inspiration - Home Cool in Summer - 66437

5 ways to enjoy a good night’s sleep on hot summer’s night

A good night’s sleep is important whatever the weather, but if you’re hot and bothered it can be tricky to fall asleep and stay asleep. Being prepared and making small changes to your sleeping environment can aid a restful sleep on a hot summer’s night. Why not try:

  1. Taking a lukewarm shower or bath an hour or two before bed.
  2. Filling a hot water bottle with cold water, freezing it and placing it in your bed before bedtime.
  3. Switch to natural fibre bedding such as cotton or linen.
  4. Swap to a low tog duvet, and use a natural fabric cover on hotter nights, or sleep under the cover without the duvet.
  5. A cooling mattress topper can help regulate temperatures. Options include eco-friendly materials, such as wool or cotton, or synthetic materials designed to stop you overheating.

For more bedroom ideas read our guide.

Find out more about spring and summer interior and exterior trends 2024 here. For tips on making your garden safe in summer, read our guide.

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