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What is Twixmas and How to Spend It

21st December 2021
Redrow - Inspiration - Cook Together

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! But what happens when the excitement fades and the last cracker’s been pulled?

We’re all familiar with the quieter period between Christmas and New Year and while, for some it’s the perfect time to visit friends and relatives, for others it’s a chance to slow the pace and enjoy time together as a family.

It’s treasured time, and if you need ideas on how to fill it, here’s a few - Happy Twixmas!

What is Twixmas?

Twixmas is the time between Christmas and New Year, December 27 to 30 to be exact, and the lull between all the festivities when many people enjoy time off work. Lots of us find ourselves sitting around, wishing we had something to do and so the term ‘Twixmas’ was coined, making it an occasion in its own right. 

Although it’s a relatively new trend, ‘Twixmas’ originates from the old English word ‘betwixt’, which means ‘between’. 

1. Spend time in nature 

We’ve learned more than ever through lockdown how important it is for our mental health to get outdoors and close to nature, so give your well-being a boost with a woodland walk, a trip to the local park, or a hike in hills.

Redrow | Inspiration | Spend Time in Nature

Working with The Wildlife Trusts Redrow is working to create thriving communities for nature and people so families can enjoy greenspace and its flora and fauna on their doorstep, but there are other ways to get outside and have fun together. The National Trust looks after houses and gardens, coast and countryside, and offers ideas and events to keep you busy, while The Woodland Trust provides places to go and hints on how to help their conservation work, and The Ramblers can get you striding out with wonderful walks.

2. Cook together 

Visit your farm shop, or support a local business that may have stayed open, to source locally-produced ingredients and get cooking up a storm. 

Redrow | Inspiration | Cook Together

Earlier this month we brought you some festive recipes from top chef Ian Haste that you might want to try.

3. Book a staycation

You might be shattered after playing host over Christmas, or just want to make the most of your time off work, and a short break away - or a night in a local city - will whisk you away from the routine of home. You can choose from full on sightseeing to relaxing retreats, or a pampering trip to a spa.

4. Record your family story

Relive memories by looking through old photos, or print out photos on your phone and start an album. You can research your ancestors and start a family tree, or record interviews with family members about their life (you’ll be amazed what you learn!).

Redrow | Inspiration | Record Your Family Story

5. Get creative

Channel your inner Blue Peter presenter and get crafty. You can revamp and upcycle some of the fixtures and fittings at home - maybe give the downstairs cloakroom a new colour theme – or dive into an arts and crafts session creating anything from a ketchup bottle bird feeder to wine bottle tiki torches. You could even upcycle this year’s Christmas wrapping paper and cards into decorations and gift tags for next year.

6. Go to a panto

Everyone loves a panto - oh no they don’t! Oh yes they do. It’s a chance to be silly and see a celeb, boo at the baddie and have fun joining in with all the songs and slapstick. And if there’s any Christmas tension still lurking - this is where it gets let go!

7. Set up a family planner and choose fun activities for the year ahead

Ask everyone in the family what they’d really love to do in 2022 and create a family planner with at least one thing to do each month. You can Google main events across the UK if you’re stuck for ideas, or think of best days out, perfect places or theatre productions coming to town.

8. Watch old movies

Get the popcorn out, the drinks poured and put your feet up for your own home cinema afternoon. 

Redrow | inspiration | Watch Old Movies

You can each write down a favourite film (there’s no shortage to choose from),  or if you fancy a movie marathon you can each select a film from the year you were born. 

9. Make a New Year Resolution

So many of us do it, whether it’s to get healthy, take up a new hobby or learn a new skill, so why not decide what goal you want to set yourself - or your family - for next year? Try to make sure it’s achievable and a resolution which will hopefully make life better, easier or happier.

10. View a show home near you

With exciting new developments across England and Wales, there’s no better time to view one of Redrow’s stunning homes near you. It’s a chance to re-think what you want from a home and see what amazing things are possible thanks to the ideas and styles from our in-house interior design team. Who knows, you could look forward to 2022 with a better way of living in a brand new home.