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5 Firework Free Bonfire Night Ideas

29th October 2021
Redrow - Inspiration - 5 Firework Free Bonfire Night Ideas

Going to a planned event is the safest way to enjoy fireworks. However, those with pets and young children may prefer a fireworks free celebration at home and we’ve compiled some ideas so your night still goes with a bang.

Party on with our Bonfire Night ideas

We all love bonfire night, and if there isn’t an organised event near you - or you fancy staying in and keeping your petrified pooch company - there are still lots of things you can do to brighten up your evening, like hosting a themed bonfire night party.

Why not get ready to glow with disco-focused fun? So black lights at the ready, and prepare to party. Glow sticks can be your own indoor fireworks – use them as wands to wave or turn into jewellery to help you shine, and if you make it all white on the night with your outfits you’re sure to really stand out. 

No party’s complete without music, so create your own disco-mix with tunes from the 80s and 90s. If you’re stuck for moves, children especially will love a great game - so how about musical fireworks? Dance around like fizzing fireworks while the music plays and make firework shapes when it stops. You can shout out firework names like Catherine Wheel, so everyone has to spin around; and Rocket, where everyone crouches down and then jumps as high as they can.

Redrow | Inspiration | Glow Stick Wristbands

Craft ideas for Bonfire Night

Whether you’re making decorations for your bonfire party or you want to get little ones immersed in November 5th fun, there are many things you can make.

So if you’re wondering about craft ideas for bonfire night, what about these? 

It’s easy to create your own paper rockets that’ll zoom across the room: you need a sheet of paper, crayons, tape, glue and a straw. Get your child to decorate the paper, put glue on one of the longer edges, then roll the paper around a pencil. Press the glued edge down to form a tube. When dry, pull off the pencil, and close the top of the ‘rocket’ with tape. Insert a paper straw into the open end, and your child is ready to blow and blast-off!

To make a ‘sparkler’, get a super-sized straw and coloured tissue paper (orange, yellow and red will be perfect).  Cut into rectangular strips and layer, sticking together on one side with tape.  Cut upwards to create thin strips, leaving 1cm at the top, then fasten around the end of the straw. 

Kids will love this exploding volcano experiment from Mas and Pas, which uses bi-carb to create an eruption - but do it outside or in the bath because it’s messy.

Redrow | Inspiration | Smoking Glass

Bonfire Night Food Ideas

On a wintry night, there’s nothing like cosying up in front of your fire with comforting dishes, and bonfire night’s a great excuse for a fabulous feast.

BBC Good Food has some cracking recipes, and these Sticky Cider Onion Hot Dogs by Esther Clarke are so simple. Melt butter and oil in a pan, add onions and salt and fry until caramelised. Add cider and simmer until reduced, then add sugar and vinegar. Cook the sausages, put in finger rolls and cover with the onions and a mustard/mayo mix.

You can’t beat a warming soup like this Parsnip and Pear recipe. Gently fry shallots until soft, add parsnips, cider vinegar, pears and stock and simmer for 20 minutes, then blend. Add rosemary leaves, cheese and seasoning to serve.

For something sweet you can rely on Annabel Karmel for some bonfire night cupcake ideas, topping chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream flame, roasted mini-marshmallows and Matchmakers as firewood twigs.

Redrow | Inspiration | Savoury Dish

Fireworks at Home

You can’t be too careful. No-one wants to remember bonfire night for all the wrong reasons, so whether you’re at an official display or you decide to set off fireworks at home never forget to follow firework safety advice. Make sure you know how to stay safe on bonfire night and remember it is illegal to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am except on bonfire night when the cut-off point is midnight.

  • If you use sparklers - and who doesn’t like writing their name in the air - do it safely.
  • Don’t give sparklers to under-5s
  • Wear gloves, hold sparklers at arm’s length while being lit and light one at a time
  • Don’t wave sparklers close to people
  • Never hold a baby while holding a sparkler
  • Put finished sparklers in cold water

Redrow | Inspiration | Sparklers

Get Fired Up With a Film

Animals and children can be scared but the RSPCA has lots of suggestions for keeping them safe and calm.

One way to keep pets and children occupied is a family film night, so prepare a stack of treats and ask people to choose their favourite movie to watch. Turn up the volume to create a cinema experience and cover up those bangs outside.

And don’t forget to look out for other wildlife - keep a lookout for hedgehogs and use blankets over outdoor hutches to muffle sounds so rabbits and guinea pigs aren’t spooked too!