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Cracking ideas for Easter activities

14th February 2024
Redrow Inspiration - Easter - 63977

Chocolate eggs delivered by the Easter bunny are synonymous with this spring celebration. The eggs represent new life and rebirth. For those wondering, when is Easter this year, Easter Sunday is on March 31, 2024 as it’s the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox. If you’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy the four-day bank holiday weekend, you may be looking for ideas for family friendly Easter activities. We’ve put together an eggscellent guide, choc-a-block with Easter ideas and fun things to do including Easter craft projects, games and how to host an Easter egg hunt.

Five eggstra special Easter craft ideas

Bring out your crafty side with these fun activities all the family can try their hands at including some Easter traditions.

1. Make or decorate an Easter bonnet. If you’re a crafter, make the bonnet yourself. Alternatively buy it and decorate with eggs, bunnies and chicks. You could even make it a competition for the whole family.

2. Painting eggs – real or paper mâché. The tradition of painting eggs dates back centuries. White shelled eggs, hard boiled and cooled, are best for decorating. You could make a hole in the bottom of the egg and blow out the contents to use up in a meal to reduce food waste. Food colouring, felt tip pens, crayons or paint can all be used.

Redrow Inspiration - Easter 2

3. Paper plate Easter bunny. Creating a rabbit face on a flat plate is an easy option for Easter crafts for kids or you could make a 3D bunny by making a cone from the plate. Draw or stick on the facial features.

4. Bunny bunting. Draw or print out a template then trace onto coloured card, cut out and make holes in the ears to lace string through. You could use spring colours or coordinate with your décor.

5. Make an Easter wreath for your front door. You could use spring flowers and add sugared almonds to make an Easter egg wreath.

Hop to it with five fun Easter games

Games all the family can enjoy at Easter include:

1. An Easter egg hunt – don’t just simply hide the eggs, add a fun challenge with cryptic clues suggesting where to find them.

Redrow Inspiration - Easter 245440294

2. Easter egg roll – roll a hard-boiled egg down a slope to see who can get to the bottom first. Or, if you’re on the flat, line everyone up on their hands and knees and get them to roll the egg from start to finish – using their noses!

3. Pin the tail on the Easter bunny a seasonal variation on the classic pin the tail on the donkey.

4. Bunny ball toss where you try to toss a ball (or plastic egg) into the rabbit’s mouth. Maing the bunny target from a carboard box is an extra Easter DIY craft idea to try.

5. Easter egg dominoes using downloadable printables to help children with their matching skills.

Five Eggs-cellent Easter recipes

You don’t have to be a star baker to test out these Easter recipes, some are easy enough for kids and adults.

1. Simnel cake is an Easter tradition. The 11 balls of marzipan that top the cake are said to represent 11 of Jesus's disciples, minus Judas.

2. Bake your own hot cross buns or use shop bought ones to make a seasonal variation of bread-and-butter pudding.

3. Make your own Easter eggs or fill halves of shop bought eggs with cheesecake mix for an Easter dessert.

4. Chocolate crispy or cornflake nests topped with small, candied eggs are a great Easter activity for kids.

5. Easter biscuits in the shape of eggs, bunnies or even chicks hatching from eggs that can be decorated with royal icing or melted chocolate.

Redrow Inspiration - Easter 1

Eggs-plore the great outdoors

After indulging in lots of Easter treats and chocolate, you’ll want to burn off some of those calories.

1. Add some healthy competition and treats to a walk and reward children with a small candied Easter egg for being the first to spot different species. For more ideas of how to enjoy the outdoors, read our guide.

2. The National Trust will be hosting Easter trails across its venues complete with a trail sheet and Easter bunny ears to wear.

3. Start planting summer garden bulbs so that your garden is in full bloom with colour in summer. Find out more about spring planting with our guide to four season gardening.

Competition time

Here's an eggs-tra special competition for you. To win one of three egg-cellent Easter chocolate bundles, simply:

🥚 Download the free Redrow app now

🥚 Find one of the Red Easter eggs hidden in our homes

🥚 Take a screenshot and send us a private message along with #RedrowCompetition

🥚 Let us know once you’ve sent us a message by commenting on this post with 'Done' Competition ends 1st April 2024.

Competition ends 1st April 2024. T&Cs apply. 


While Easter is a moveable feast, we can help get you moving. Swap hunting eggs for house hunting by downloading the Redrow app. For everything you need to know about mortgages, read our guide.

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