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10 Signs It's Time to Move Home

15th December 2023
Redrow | Inspiration | 10 Signs Its Time to Move Home

Deciding it’s time to move home is a big decision – emotionally and financially. From the size of your home to the cost of running it, there’s a lot to consider. If you’re thinking it’s time for change, we’ve put together a moving house checklist detailing the 10 signs it’s time to move on…

1. You need more space

...for your growing family and all of their belongings. This can become apparent over the festive period when you’re all together at home more. Finding space to store Christmas gifts along with your much-loved existing items can be tricky. You can create more storage with high sleeper beds with desks, storage and shelving units below or buy a bed with inbuilt under mattress storage. You could even pack clothes away when seasons have finished, utilising vacuum sealed bags to maximise space further. For more storage solutions to help you make the most of your space, read our guide. If you’re ready to move up the property ladder to a bigger, better property, the good news is selected Redrow homes may be eligible to be purchased using part exchange. With five bedrooms, three en-suites, plus the family bathroom, you won’t be short on space or have to queue for the bathroom in our generously proportioned Highgrove.

2. You need less space

...because your children have grown up and moved out into homes of their own, leaving you in what was the family home but is now too large for you. This is a common factor for many of our customers dividing to make a house move and is why we introduced our Lifestyle homes. They have reconfigured s living space downstairs and upstairs every bedroom has an en-suite. For example, the Oxford Lifestyle looks just like its four-bedroom standard equivalent from the outside and on the ground floor. Upstairs it has three en-suite bedrooms. We can even help to sell your existing property so you can enjoy your new home sooner rather than later.


3. Your circumstances have changed

...a new relationship status or a job could mean you’re considering moving house. Perhaps you’re ready to make the next step in your relationship by buying a home together after living separately or into a property one of you previously lived in alone or with someone else. Or, if you’ve started a new job, perhaps you want to move to reduce the time you spend commuting. Alternatively, a new job may offer the option to work remotely, therefore allowing you to live further away. Many of our larger homes, including the four-bedroom Canterbury and the five-bedroom Sandringham, include a study. For inspiration of how to style your home office, read our guide.


4. You want to redress the work/life balance

...better connectivity and the ability to work remotely for at least part of the week means many people no longer the need to live near the office. Buy a new home and you’ll benefit from ultrafast broadband, perfect for sharing files or dialling into video meetings. For those who have to physically attend the workplace, moving closer can help cut commuting time. Both of these options provide the ability to spend more time doing what you really love with the people who matter most.

5. You find yourself browsing properties for sale

...finding a new home is easier than ever before thank to the range of apps and websites showing homes for sale. If you’re asking yourself is now a good time to move house, you’re not alone. Boxing Day is one of the most popular days of the year for people searching for a new home. You can manage your new home journey via My Redrow, saving your favourite developments and properties, making appointments, paying your reservation fee, choosing your options and much more.

6. You’re tired of repairs and renovations

It might not be a money pit, but older houses inevitably cost more to maintain than newer properties, as age and wear-and-tear take their toll. You might be tired of calling your roofer to replace or repair another tile, or the handy man to fix a broken pipe or re-seal the shower – or those DIY jobs you used to love doing have become too much trouble. Research by the HBF suggests it costs more than £70,000 to bring an older property to the same standard as a new three-bedroom semi-detached home. You can find out more about the cost of living and the benefits of buying a new home here.

7. You want to know how to lower your energy bills

Research by the HBF suggests the average buyer of a new house could save more than £2,200 a year on their energy bill compared with those living in older houses. Our homes are already among the most efficient available and we’ve been developing ways to make them even more so including pioneering the use of air source heat pumps to replace gas boilers. Watch our podcast to find out more about the advantages of air source heat pumps.


8. You want to be part of a thriving community

Ccreating a better way to live means we go beyond simply building homes, we create communities where people love living and invest in existing neighbourhoods. This includes ensuring there’s space for the younger residents to enjoy good old fashioned outdoor fun by playmaking as part of our placemaking policy. From play parks to fitness trails and even sports pitches we provide a range of facilities for residents to enjoy. Discover more about the communities we create here.

9. You want a home with a layout that works for you

How we use the space in our homes has changed in recent years. Buy a new home and you can choose the layout that meets your needs. A separate kitchen and dining area, or family space, can make you feel cut off from the rest of the family, especially when you’re cooking. Redrow offers open plan spaces mixed with more private areas to offer a better way to live. For example, the four-bedroom Richmond features an open plan kitchen, dining and family room, destined to be the heart of the home. Or perhaps you want extra space to workout at home or room for the children to play. You can choose the layout that meets your needs. If your home isn’t working for you, it might be time to change it.

10. You want a fresh start

A new home offers a blank canvas. Subject to build stage you can choose from a range of options and upgrades and then sit back while we do the hard work. You can discover more about what’s included in a new Redrow home here.


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