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10 Signs It's Time to Move Home

21st December 2021
Redrow | Inspiration | 10 Signs Its Time to Move Home

It was once your dream home, but suddenly your house doesn’t quite suit your lifestyle.

It might be too big or, with a growing family, too small; it might just be costing you too much to run or maintain - or it might feel too far from work, or family and friends.

If you’re thinking it’s time for change, here are 10 signs for when it’s time to move on…

You don’t have enough space for everything

You know you’ve got a problem when there’s more stuff on top of your cupboards and wardrobes than you could ever fit inside, or children have outgrown bedrooms and those once big enough for their bed, books and toys are not roomy enough to house it all AND a desk to do their homework from. You can create more storage with hi-rise beds with desks and shelving units or buy a bed with inbuilt storage. You could even pack clothes away when seasons have finished in vacuum packed sealed bags – or ask yourself ‘is now a good time to move house?’.

Your house is too big

It’s a growing problem when the children have grown up and flown the nest that the house, that was once filled with family, feels a little emptier. There are rooms you don’t go into which seems a waste, and you might resent the burden of having to clean a bigger home, tend to a large garden - or pay huge heating and electricity bills you don’t need to. Older, Victorian properties can use twice as much energy as their equivalent new build.

Your house needs too much work 

It might not be a money pit, but older houses inevitably cost more to maintain than newer properties as age and wear-and-tear take their toll. You might be tired of calling your roofer to replace or repair another tile, or the handy man to fix a broken pipe or re-seal the shower - or those DIY jobs you used to love have become too much trouble. These are some of the things which tell you when it’s time to move on.

You no longer need to commute 

Covid-19 means many of us are working from home more, so being close to the office is no longer a priority. If that’s the case it might be the area you longed to live in, with a longer commute, is now a viable option. Embracing travel on just two days a week is a different challenge than five.
And finding a home with the perfect place to work from could be the clincher.

Your commute is too long

The opposite could be true and you’re getting fed up with time spent on the train or snarled up in traffic. A working day that starts early and ends late can leave you feeling too exhausted to spend quality time with your family - or no time to spend with them at all. We’ve all learned the importance of getting the balance between work and home life right, so if it’s impossible for you to do that, you might want to relocate to somewhere more convenient for work.

You want to be closer to family and friends

Again, the pandemic has taught us about the importance of being close to family and friends, and we miss that connection when they’re not there. But, also, circumstances change. What seemed like the best location years ago isn’t meeting your needs now. You may have moved to be near to work and changed jobs; your personal situation might have changed, or, as you get older, you might want to live nearer those who can help or care for you.

You crave the outdoor life

You might have loved city life or apartment living, but now you’d like your own private outdoor space, a garden where friends can gather for a summer barbecue, or green spaces close to home where you can spend time relaxing and being closer to nature and all the benefits that brings.

Your layout doesn’t work for you anymore

A separate kitchen and dining area, or family space, can make you feel cut off from the rest of the family, especially when you’re cooking.  Redrow offers open plan spaces mixed with more private areas to offer a better way to live, so if your home isn’t working for you, it might be time to change it.

You want to be better connected

Living in a rural area might seem idyllic until the middle of winter when you’re cut off by snow, or you drive back from the shops and realise you’ve forgotten something vital. Being close to schools, public transport, local shops and services makes life easier and better – and this is how Redrow chooses its locations to build.

You’d love to make your mark on a blank canvas

Remember avocado green baths, festoon blinds or woodchip wallpaper? Tastes change. You might have put with a previous occupant’s style choices for years but are now desperate to make your own mark. It’s far easier when you’ve got a blank canvas to do that with and, with our My Redrow online tool, you can start putting your stamp on a new property before you even move in!

So if it’s time to make a move, we’re here to help at every step. Visit our website to start your search.