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How to prepare your home for going away

20th July 2022
Redrow-Inspiration-How to prepare your home for going away

If you’re planning a getaway this summer there can be lots to think about aside from your travel arrangements and what to pack. One question we all ask is how do I prepare my house for going away? So our guide comprises a handy home checklist to give you peace of mind when you’re not there.

Redrow | Inspiration |  How to prepare your home for going away


1. Home security

Knowing your home is safe and protected when you’re not there is so reassuring, and there’s a lot you can do to make sure it’s properly guarded. Netatamo doorbells offer smart security for your home detecting motion when anyone approaches, capturing it on video and alerting you via a number of methods. Fortunately, you’ll never have to worry about your broadband letting you down because Redrow homes are fitted with FTTP (fibre to the premises) to ensure you stay connected. My Redrow allows you to add a variety of home security features too, from outside lighting, CCTV cameras, security alarms, and more, and you can get lighting timers controlled by a phone app to make people think you’re in when you’re not. Don’t forget the basics either: Always ensure all windows and doors are locked before you leave!

2. Save energy

Now more than ever we’re looking for ways to save energy, and there’s no point running up bills unnecessarily. So, when you’re going away, turn off sockets, heating and hot water (although you may want to leave heating on very low if you’re going away in winter to stop the pipes freezing). Unplug “vampire devices” like your TV that can still use energy in standby mode.

Redrow | Inspiration |  How to prepare your home for going away

3. Neighbourly help 

When it comes to what to do with your house when you travel, there is one time-tested item on the top of your ‘to-do’ list, and that’s to ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the house, put bins out and take them back in, and ensure no mail is left in the letterbox. If you know them well you could maybe ask them to pop in to water plants, and check everything is as it should be.

4. Pawfect ideas for pets

Pets are part of our family and, if we can’t take them away on holiday with us, we like to make sure they’re well looked after. If you don’t have a friend or family member who can step in to care for yours, the PDSA has a great guide on holiday care and guidance to find the best kennels or cattery in the area, and the right care for your pet. For smaller animals like hamsters and gerbils, or even outside cats, you might be able to get a neighbour pop in to feed and water them.

Redrow | Inspiration |  How to prepare your home for going away

5. Consider a house sitter

Whatever security measures we put in place, for some the only peace of mind comes from knowing the house is occupied. A growing trend is to get a house sitter to live in your home when you’re away: it means someone is looking after your property - and it’s often free - and if you have pets, you can choose a house sitter who is happy to look after Rover or Felix too.

6. Cancel any deliveries

There’s nothing like stacked up milk bottles or parcels to draw unwanted attention to your home, so do remember to cancel milk and newspapers, or any other subscription deliveries that may arrive while you’re away. If you have any overdue deliveries, postpone them or arrange for them to be delivered to a neighbour so as not to have any large packages arriving on your doorstep.

Redrow | Inspiration |  How to prepare your home for going away

7. Empty the bins and fridge 

No one wants to come home to the smell of over ripe bananas or sour milk, so don’t forget to empty the bins and clear out all the perishable items in your fridge before you go away.  And, you can make sure you return to a lovely, clean smelling house by investing in a home fragrance that will fill the rooms with beautiful bouquets to relax and energise you after your journey. Our fragrance Home: By Redrow is the perfect scent to welcome you home. 


Find out more about how we created our ‘heaven scent’ reed diffuser here.

Happy Holidays!