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Love lounging

15th December 2023
Redrow - Inspiration - Love Lounging

With the cold weather and shorter daylight hours, we’re all understandably spending more time in the cosy comfort of our homes, with your lounge likely to be your go-to space for relaxing. Perhaps you’re curled up on the sofa reading, perusing the new Redrow app, browsing Instagram for décor inspiration or binge watching the latest show? We’re here to help you to create a relaxing space you’ll love lounging in with our handy guide to lounge room design.

Six steps to choosing a sofa

We spoke to Helen Joseph, from our in-house interior design team, to discover her top tips on how to choose a sofa.

  1. Choose the number of seats you need, factoring in the people who live in your household and consider additional seating for guests. “It can be tempting to choose a sofa based purely on design, aesthetics and current trends; however, functionality is a must,” Helen explained. “Sofas are arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home so it should first suit the needs of your family and lifestyle to be a true investment piece.”
  2. Think about how you prefer to relax. If you love to stretch out with your feet up, consider a recliner or a chaise end. Layer with a coordinating or contrasting footstool for additional comfort level.
  3. It’s a material world. Consider the colour and material of your sofa. Leather or faux leather can feel cold in the winter months but is very practical and long-lasting. Fabric sofas can offer a wider colour and texture choice and more comfort year-round. “With so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Think about the colour scheme and design direction,” Helen said. “Create an inspiration board by collecting photos and samples to get a feel for the overall look you are trying to create. If you’re still unsure opt for a neutral fabric such as a soft almond bouclé for a cosy feel or a timeless taupe velvet or linen that will last for years to come.”
  4. Keep up appearances by considering the maintenance of your chosen sofa style. If you have young children, you may want a wipe clean option or, if you have a dog or cat, you’ll need to factor in moulting. Taking time to ‘chop’ cushions to keep their plumpness can help maintain that new sofa feeling.
  5. Space saving solutions such as a corner sofa is a great option for those looking for small lounge design ideas. A sofa bed is the ideal solution for those who want to accommodate occasional overnight guests if they don’t have a spare bedroom. “Modular sofas are a great all-round solution,” Helen suggested. “Their flexibility is designed to future proof your space and adapt to your changing needs. They make for cosy conversational areas ideal for busy growing families.” 
  6. Size really does matter when choosing a sofa. Too large and the sofa will be overbearing. Too small and the room will feel unbalanced and potentially smaller. “Keep the sofa in proportion to the size of your room and other pieces of furniture. Consider the height of the back and arms as this can impact placement due to radiators and shelving,” Helen said. “Measure, measure and measure again,” is Helen’s mantra when choosing furniture. “Check the sofa will fit comfortably in the space you intend it to go in and think how you’ll manoeuvre it into the space,” she added. “Most sofa companies have experienced delivery teams, however, you do need to check the route beforehand to avoid disappointment, so measure doorways, along the hallway and staircases.”

Redrow - Inspiration - Corner Sofa

Where to put the sofa

Position sofas opposite focal points such as the fireplace or TV for a cosy intimate setting. For a more formal and grown-up feel consider symmetry and balance, position sofas opposite one another or pair with a set of occasional chairs. “Adding a love seat to a bay window can make for a relaxing space to enjoy reading a book. Opt for classical executive style seating with high backs for a luxurious feel,” Helen suggested. “Adding a corner sofa to a family space will create a relaxing cosy snug.” Helen recommends choosing a bold colour such as ochre or rust for a statement making piece, complemented with a gallery wall of your favourite prints and family photos. 

Redrow - Inspiration - Lounge with art

Map it out and remember to include your other furniture, checking there’s enough room to comfortably walk around your furniture and experiment with orientation until you settle on the right layout for your needs. There are helpful space planning apps that can be used to visualise your rooms in 3D and easily experiment with positioning. 

Redrow - Inspiration - Lounge with contrast chairs

Open plan layouts in our homes lend themselves perfectly to creating flexible family spaces. “Furniture can be used as a tool to define specific areas,” Helen added. “Give your furniture room to ‘breathe’ and where possible avoid pushing right up against walls, pulling the sofas inwards slightly makes the room feel visually larger.”

Top tips on where to put the TV

Streaming your favourite shows via broadband is simple in a new Redrow home thanks to fibre to the property. But you may be wondering where to put the tv in the living room to maximise the screen view and aesthetic. 

Redrow - Inspiration - Lounge with TV on the wall

  1. Avoid high traffic areas so you’re viewing is not interrupted while relaxing, making for a harmonious home.
  2. Position the TV away from windows and direct sunlight to avoid unwanted glare on the screen.
  3. Mounting your TV on the wall saves space and you can tilt the angle for the best viewing experience. “Wall mounting your TV creates a clean and modern feel, ensuring any unsightly wires are neatly tucked away,” Helen said. Watch the below video to see how to securely fix items to your walls.
  4. Stand out from the crowd by using a TV stand, media unit or sideboard, either to sit your TV on top or below a wall mounted TV. Remember, the stand should be bigger than the screen. “We love to use walnut sideboards with carved or inlay details,” Helen said. “Opt for a style with doors rather than open shelving for added storge space.”
  5. Deciding on distance is key to deciding where to put the TV. You’ll need to factor in the size of the screen and your room, plus where your other furniture will sit. If you have a 1080p Full HD resolution TV, the recommended viewing distance is around 1.5 to 2.5 times the screen size. With a 4K Ultra HD TV you can sit closer, with experts suggesting the perfect viewing distance is roughly 1 to 1.5 times the screen size.
  6. We’re in tune with what buyers want and have included a range of options via My Redrow that will help ensure you’re able to view your favourite shows and films. These include TV points, media plates and WiFi extenders. All Redrow homes come with FTTP (fibre to the premises) as standard and while broadband speeds will vary between locations and service providers, you should enjoy some of the best speeds in the area – perfect for streaming the latest in home entertainment. Plus, we’ve teamed up with Sky to offer an exclusive package to our homeowners covering phone, TV and broadband.
  7. Helen recommends making a feature out of your TV. “At Redrow we love to use Sky Glass TVs as they come in a variety of colour options that will blend seamlessly into your space. You can add complementary artwork to ensure the TV is as much a part of the décor as anything,” Helen explained.

Top five table choices for the lounge

From having somewhere to rest your drink and snacks while you watch a film to providing somewhere to position a lamp alongside your reading chair, tables in the lounge can be both practical and stylish. “Consider materiality and the overall look you are trying to achieve,” Helen said. “Hammered and brushed metals will add a layer of low-key glamour, whereas washed woods will create a more relaxed feel.” Read on to discover our top table choices.

Redrow - Inspiration - Lounge with mirror over fireplace

  1. The ottoman table . “At Redrow we love layering ottomans and footstools with coffee tables for an intimate yet practical solution,” Helen explained. “When selecting footstools double check the size and height against the seat height of your sofas to ensure optimum comfort.”
  2. The coffee table. “Consider the form or shape of your coffee table and, if you’re limited for space, select a curved or circular design to allow for ease of movement,” Helen said. 
  3. Occasional tables. “These should be proportional in height to your sofa,” Helen added. “This will not only look more visually appealing but will be practical.”
  4. A console table. It can be used as a TV stand or positioned beneath a wall mounted TV. Opt for a console table with drawers to provide somewhere to neatly store remotes, coasters, and other essentials out of sight.
  5. A nest of tables. A great space-saving solution if you want a flexible alternative to a more traditional coffee table. Position the tables around your room to suit your changing needs. A nest of tables is perfect for adding extra surfaces area. They can be used as coffee tables, end tables or display tables.

Discover more about the interior trends for 2024.

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