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Lighting trends for 2024

20th September 2023
Redrow - Inspiration - Lighting trends for 2024

As the seasons switch from summer to autumn and we start reaching for the light switch earlier in the day, we’re shining the spotlight on home lighting. Next month the clocks will go back (October 29 at 2am), a move designed to make the most of the daylight and save energy.

From ceiling lights to table lamps, how you illuminate your home sets the tone for your interior. Read our guide to lighting trends 2024 and beyond to find out how to balance style with functionality to create the right ambiance.

How to choose light fittings

Selecting the right light fittings for each room is important.

Helen Joseph, from Redrow’s in house interior design team , explained:“Decorative and versatile products remain important for lighting. A multipurpose approach enables flexibility in function and styling. For an on trend look for 2024, choose dynamic light sources that can be tilted in different directions or angles creating eye catching focal points . Create surprising effects where no illumination is expected. Treat the glowing effect as decoration rather than a functional aspect of room styling.”

From elegant contemporary, pendants finished in satin chrome to sophisticated antique brass fittings with opal glass shades, you’ll find a range of lighting options available via My Redrow.

Redrow - Inspiration - Dining room with arty lighting

The latest lighting trends include:

  1. Orbs, spheres, globe shapes and sweeping curves continue to have a major influence on lighting design. They can bring a dreamlike luminance to a bedroom as well as being an elegant choice for a lounge ceiling light.
  2. Structurally shaped fittings add a contemporary edge to your décor. Industrial luxe with refined crafting techniques and processes, replace the rough workmanship of the former industrial look. Choose metal finishes with a high-value look, such as brushed, polished and satin or mirrored metals.
  3. Texturised metals will come to the fore in 2024 with burnt, oxidised, patinated or brushed surfaces to complement the more futuristic looks of high-shine and mirror finishes.
  4. Be sustainable by design. Choose products with end of life and repairability in mind, designed for longevity with long-lasting and high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.All new Redrow homes have low-energy light fittings installed as standard. Making sure all your light bulbs are lower impact can further reduce your carbon footprint.

Kitchen lighting trends

Ensuring the kitchen has the right lighting throughout the day is important. For the most part, it is essentially a workspace, so lighting that is suitable for meal preparation and recipe reading is important. But you’ll want other options to soften the ambiance too, particularly when your kitchen is combined with an open-plan dining area or family space, like it is in many Redrow designs.

  1. Strip LED lights can be fixed almost anywhere and create a subtle glow where strategically placed – from beneath countertops to under cabinet kickboards – offering practicality, style and colour co-ordination.
  2. Downlights continue to provide a subtle source of brightness, with the option to include brushed or polished chrome downlights in the kitchen of your new Redrow home.
  3. If you’re home has a peninsular unit or island you can choose to add downlights or pendant lighting above to add a stylish and practical feature.
  4. Dimmable bulbs are a great way to ensure your lighting can be toned down or brightened up to suit your mood or the task at hand. Consider whether to add white or yellow toned bulbs depending on whether you want an effect more akin to daylight or with a cosier warmth.

Redrow - Inspiration - Open plan kitching dining

The magic of lamps

  1. Lamp bases are the perfect canvas for introducing texture into your room. Tactile, rippled ceramics and moulded glass capture the sculptural element of liquids in solid form and it’s a trend we love.
  2. Hand-worked, embellished lamp bases provide an opportunity to really be creative with your choices. Imperfection of the maker's mark adds unique value to products, honouring handcrafting techniques and an artisanal approach.
  3. Freshen up a much-loved lamp base by adding a new lamp shade. A lamp shade is a great opportunity to add a pop of colour or bold pattern. It doesn’t need to match the base as a contrast can work even better.

Redrow - Inspiration - Bed cushions with bedside lamp

Where to put lamps

When you’re planning where to put lamps, consider why you want a lamp in that room – is it for ambient or functional lighting. A strategically placed lamp can create a sense of cosiness, providing pools of light in darker corners of a room, adding to the ambience. An angled lamp positioned above a reading chair serves a practical purpose.

  1. Table lamps – can provide , accent or task lighting and where they’re positioned will depend on the size of the room. For example, a pair of table lamps on opposite sides of a spacious lounge adds a sense of symmetry. Table lamps should be positioned so the bottom of the shade is at eye level when you’re seated.
  2. Floor lamps – are often positioned next to a seating area, such as the lounge. A tall lamp in the corner of the living room will help create a cosy, warm feeling wile drawing focus on the furniture in that space.
  3. Hall lamp – a warm colour temperature lamp can help create a welcoming feel for people coming into your home. A table lamp can also help to define artwork and styling pieces.
  4. Home office lamps – having an angled lamp you can easily adjust the position, height and potentially the brightness, can help reduce shadows and glare. The perfect lamp position is above and behind your screen, pointing down as this will light the whole desk without causing screen glare.

How does Smart lighting work

  1. Smart lighting systems connect to your home via the Wi-Fi network, allowing you to operate your lights through a smartphone app or voice activated assistant.
  2. You can adjust the colour temperature and intensity of individual bulbs, change their colour, or even set up schedules so they switch on and off at chosen times.
  3. As an added ‘security’ bonus, you can activate the lights when you’re away to make it look like someone is at home.
  4. Some smart lighting is compatible with ‘Smart Home’ systems like Amazon Echo or Google Home, which means operating it is easier still, using voice commands.
  5. You can control all the bulbs or strips, either one-by-one or as a block.
  6. You can also create specific lights, for instance for ‘movie night’, dimming everything except back-lighting around the TV.

Redrow - Inspiration - Lounge

Outdoor lighting

The right choice can truly bring your garden to life, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor, creating a welcoming area or simply a beautiful backdrop. Consider solar powered lights to save on energy, particularly for sunny south facing spots.

  1. Linear lighting beneath the edges of a path creates a ‘floating’ effect and highlights an area that should be kept clear.
  2. A set of contemporary fence lights can help illuminate fence panels and will create a feature. Rather than merely defining the area, they add a welcome hint of night-time colour.
  3. Think about spotlights on steps, uplighting on trees, or cosy lamps and lanterns around your outdoor seating areas.
  4. Add interest to a patio space with lamps or illuminated ornaments, using them to highlight key features like your favourite plants.
  5. Use twinkling festoon lights to draw attention to a garden pergola that's set up for alfresco dining.

Discover all the latest interior design trends to make sure your home is in style. 

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