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Interior design trends 2023

10th November 2022
Redrow - Inspiration - Interior design trends 2023

Looking ahead to the New Year, our in-house interior design team, led by Alysha Alli, brings you the hottest current interior design trends for 2023.

Having explored the interior trade shows for inspiration, Alysha explained how we’re about be swept into a world of feel good colours and joyful accessories, anchored by a core theme of comforting neutrals.

Redrow - Inspiration - Abstract painting

1. Core comfort 

At the very heart of the new interior trends is a need to find comfort and reassurance in our homes. Clay pink as a new neutral, layered browns and textural whites are creating a rich yet soft base upon which to build some interesting accessory highlights and brighter accent tones.

Textures of bamboo and natural wood bring our homes in tune with the world around us, and make use of sustainable, renewable materials, while rough and smooth textures combine to give our surroundings a tactile quality. Alysha said: “The trend for ripples and waves is again prominent but in larger forms. Rougher and more rustic textures are also delivered in the trend for hand-crafted items – reflecting the economic climate and a desire to move away from mass-production. 

“Wood is a continuing interior trend that interchanges with the seasons, always surprising us with its versatility and unwavering popularity. One of the key looks for 2023 will be dark oak, with its ability to bring a sense of nostalgia into our homes. In line with the desire to reuse and give new life to old, dark wood, antique furniture and lacquered effects are seeing a resurgence, while more contemporary highly graphic wooden surfaces, with strong contrasting grains will give furniture a visual edge.”

Redrow - inspiration - Lounge

2. Exciting embellishments 

Building on the warming neutrals, we’re seeing interiors brought to life with pops of bold colour and accessories that provide a twist on metallics.

Alysha said: “2023 is set to be a really interesting year for accessories. High shine metallics in amber tones will be everywhere while fiery hues alongside contrasting deep azure are key colours for fabric prints in soft furnishings like scatter accent cushions and layering throws.

From peachy hues leading to burnt brassy shades, ombre effects bring movement to surfaces and fabrics, while pastel colours give a joyful quality to ceramics and glassware.”

Trend forecasters WSGN have highlighted the colour trends for 2023, predicting the prevalence of “rich and upbeat tones that offer a sense of optimism and luxury for challenging times.” In their annual palette they include “smoked paprika” and “mango sorbet” alongside rich tones of mushroom and buttery yellow on an ochre inspired spectrum. While richer, earthy tones of grounded jade green and pink also feature strongly.

In a similar vein, Dulux has selected its Colour of the Year for 2023 as Wild Wonder – “a positive, glowing tone, inspired by the natural world.” Alysha added: “Wild Wonder sits between a neutral and a pastel shade, so works well with a variety of colour palettes. It looks great with honey-coloured neutrals and rose pink, or even a contrasting shade of bright blue.”

Redrow - Inspiration - Kitchen top with sculpted vase

3. Layered luxuries 

“Layering is another fundamental look,” explained Alysha of the latest home décor trends. “But not just in fabrics like tassled throws, luxurious linens and wool blends, it’s also within textures on three-dimensional crafted sculptural objects and furniture pieces. Layering of molten-like textures will bring a sense of flow to accessories like lamps and bowls.

By way of additional contrast to the neutrals and brighter shades, designers are also layering colours, with the striking addition of hyper-matte volcanic black. Bleached is still hugely popular neutral, but tends to be less clinical and more earthy and rustic in its application.

Natural textures of stone are still prevalent – with travertine in particular on the rise for 2023 – a form of limestone found around mineral springs. It blends tones of white, cream, tan and rust within its fibrous textures and will be seen in tiling, worktops and furniture.” 

4. Scent-sational 

Scent has the power to take us out of our surroundings and evoke nostalgia, while also boosting our mood and adding an extra layer of luxury to our interiors. Alysha is a long-time advocate of the importance of satisfying all of the senses through design, having developed our very own signature fragrance “Home: By Redrow” which features within all of our show homes and customer experience suites.

Redrow - Inspiration - Redrow Scent

Alysha said: “Scent in 2023 is another way we can deliver touches of luxury within interior design and can be introduced through candles and reed diffusers – blurring the lines between fragrance and art. Fresh and invigorating scents provide a boost to our mood, like clean cotton, ocean waves and zingy herbal notes. Our gardens and fruit bowls are providing inspiration for home fragrance too, with zesty lemon, watermelon, lavender, and rosemary lifting our energy levels.  While on the other end of the spectrum warm, comforting tones reflect the wider interiors trend for seeking sanctuary within our homes. Think cinnamon rolls and chai lattes along with warming sandalwood and whisky notes, giving you the sense of being tucked up in a rural retreat surrounded by thick woollen blankets and a roaring fire.”

Alysha and her team are already bringing the home décor trends for 2023, mixed with timeless, classic style to our show homes across the UK, so you can find inspiration for your home move. Your Redrow home awaits as a blank canvas – one of many great reasons, alongside energy efficiency and ease of maintenance, to buy a new build home.

Our homes provide the perfect combination of private spaces and open-plan convivial areas. Read more about the beauty of open-plan design here.

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