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Neigh-bours Of Love: This couple moved into a newbuild home next to their beloved horses

9th May 2024
Redrow News - Southern Counties Case Study

Luke, Nikki and their 17-year-old son had been through a tumultuous housing journey before finding their dream home right across the road from where they could keep their two horses, Donny and Prince.

Having owned four second-hand properties prior, the thought of a new build was not one that had crossed the couple’s mind until they moved into a temporary rental contract in a new build. Opening their eyes to the multiple benefits and joys of living in a new build, they stopped horsing around and decided to take the leap and purchase one for themselves.

Luke and Nikki moved into their 5-bedroom detached ‘Hampstead’ home at our Cromwell Court development in Basingstoke in November and haven’t looked back. Having previously been 30 minutes away from their horses, they wanted to be closer and are now just 10 minutes away! As Nikki and her identical twin sister ride three times a week, being near the horses was of great importance. The luxurious home provides ample space for their family as well as being able to accommodate their two horses, a top priority when looking for a home but one that isn’t an easy criterion to meet.

Luke explains the motivations for the move: “What pushed us to buy a new build was a streak of second-hand homes that had a whole host of issues. Our first home was located next to a biomass incinerator, without us knowing! We had sellers pull out last minute as well as finding great properties that needed too much work. After our third move we relocated into a new build for a short while, which opened our eyes to how easy a move would be if we opted for a new build!”

Nikki, an ex-jockey who still rides horses and does local shows, was particularly drawn to the development due it its sentimental location. She explains: “After having a look on the internet at various options, we fell upon Redrow’s Cromwell Court development. This is an area I know really well, as the development is just across the road from where my twin sister, my older sister, my mum and I have kept horses over the years. My mum was also the one that pushed me to take a look at the development, so I knew this must be the place to be.”

Having lived in second-hand homes their whole lives, seeing the benefits of new builds has been exciting.

Luke explains: “I love that with new build properties you know exactly what you’re getting, without the need for any tiresome finishing touches, sorting out leaks or replastering walls. It’s already completed to a high standard. I wanted a hassle-free and smooth move and choosing new build was a great choice. On top of this, Redrow have been on hand to help with any issues and are quick to resolve any queries, it’s nice to have someone on your side.”

The energy efficient features of new builds mean that the couple can also enjoy a much warmer home to what they have experienced in the past.

Nikki says: “It’s fantastic to see how nice and warm our home can get. In the past, we had always struggled with cold and draughty older properties, and now I am amazed at how well insulated our home is. We can put the heating on for just a short while and it will retain the heat throughout the day, a real luxury.

“We were drawn to the space the property offered. The ceilings are nice and high, and we also have an open-plan kitchen which we have already used to host plenty of family gatherings. But the feature that really sold it to us was the en-suite of the master bedroom!” Located in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, but also right next to thriving Basingstoke, Cromwell Court was ideal for the couple and their horses.

Luke says: “Cromwell Court is perfectly placed for us as it really feels like countryside living and offers plenty of space. It’s wonderful to have found a location that is so near our horses, but also within close distance to a thriving area where we can do our shopping.

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