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Celebrating 100,000 homes 

As we celebrate the historic landmark of selling 100,000 homes, join us to look back at how we got here, the people and products that have driven our growth and explore the positive impact we’ve had on communities across the country.

100,000 homes, £2.7 billion invested in communities

As well as delivering 100,000 homes for over 300,000 people (The equivalent of major cities Nottingham or Newcastle) we’ve invested £2.7 billion in communities over our 44 year history. The money has been spent on community infrastructure like schools, affordable housing, green spaces and a whole range of amenities.

Celebrating a historic achievement

On the 18th of October, 2018 we handed over our 100,000th home. The historic moment took place at Regent's Grange, Chester and marked a significant milestone for the company. Over the years Redrow has grown into one of the most revered national house builders.

Read more about the special occasion and the scale of Redrow's community impact here.

A first home to remember

Finding themselves the owners of Redrow’s milestone 100,000th home came as a complete surprise to Tom and Claire Culshaw. As first time buyers, they benefited hugely from our ever present sales team helping them every step of the way. 

To learn more about Tom and Claire's experience, you can read their buying story.


A journey to be proud of

Having been founded in 1974 by our Chairman Steve Morgan CBE, it took 32 years to sell our first 50,000 homes. Thanks to the growing popularity of the Heritage Collection and the expansion of the business across the country, it’s taken just 12 years to sell another 50,000!

We first started selling homes in 1979 at Dulas Park. We are now operating from over 130 developments across the UK, including Colindale Gardens in London which, by the end of its life cycle, will deliver over 3,000 homes.

Learn more about our history with our company timeline.

Building communities that thrive

No two of our developments are the same. We design our homes and developments to not only look good, but to compliment their surroundings, incorporating all that's important and unique in the neighbourhood. We create new or improved facilities to meet the needs of the local community and open spaces for people to play and come together.


Pioneering Garden Villages

We truly believe in making better places for people to live in and that’s why we’re at the forefront of the Garden Village Movement. Our Garden Villages are stand-alone communities with a high emphasis on quality lifestyle.

These principles have been applied to developments up and down the country and are reflected perfectly at Woodford Garden Village.

Traditional homes focused on modern living

Many things have changed since we sold our first home but our passion and commitment to designing and building homes people are proud to live in has only increased. This idea is embodied most in Redrow’s esteemed Heritage Collection. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, the Heritage Collection combines traditional design with a fresh approach to contemporary modern living.

Join us as we look at The Art of Living and explore the movement that inspired the timeless collection.