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10 Green reasons to buy a Redrow home

Written by Sustainability

22 Sep 2020

Find out more about the savings that you could make by moving into a brand new, energy efficient Redrow Home.

1. Reducing your emissions

Our Fabric First design approach focuses on high quality insulation standards, boilers and ventilation systems, making a major contribution to reducing the CO2 emissions from your home.

2. Warm and efficient homes

Our homes on average offer a 54% improvement in heat loss over homes built in the 1970’s.

3. Great savings all year round

You could more than half your annual energy bill by living in a new, energy efficient Redrow home.

4. Exceeding standards

Our homes consistently outperform the recommended minimum air-tightness standards.

5. Peace and quiet

We reduce noise pollution too; sound proofing our homes to outperform standard construction methods.

6. Low energy lighting

Lighting contributes up to 20% of the total electricity bill for the average house, so we provide 100% low energy light fittings in our homes.

7. Saving every drop

We help you save water. Our standard specification which uses water efficient fittings and dual flush WC’s delivers a design which outperforms the minimum standard by 16%, saving an extra 20 litres/person/day.

8. Responsible sourcing

Our care for the environment extends to the land we use and the materials we employ.

9. Environmentally friendly upgrades

You can choose from a range of eco-friendly options to enhance your sustainable lifestyle through our online customer interface “My Redrow”. Extras to choose from include: kitchen waste segregation facilities, water butts and electronic vehicle chargers.

10. Sustainability at our core

Being environmentally conscious isn’t just about the homes we build for you, it’s about establishing a green philosophy within the whole of Redrow. From deciding on our locations to choosing our suppliers, we are committed to ethical and environmental practice.

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