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Inspirational Winter Gardens

Written by Interior Design

13 Dec 2018

At Redrow Homes, we believe your garden should be a natural extension of your home all year round. With a little thought and a few cosy accessories you’ll soon be shunning your sofa to enjoy your garden throughout the winter months.

Illuminate the space

Once of the first things to consider is your garden lighting. No one wants to venture outside when it’s dark and gloomy so great external lights are key to creating a usable and inviting winter space. Focus on the areas you’re likely to spend time in but don’t forget to light up garden paths so you can always find your way. We love using retro style lightbulbs strung between trees and along garden fences. Lanterns and candles are also the perfect choice for creating a cosy and warming retreat.

who doesn’t love toasting marshmallows on an open flame?

Relight your fire

There are some fabulous fire pits on the market now that are just perfect for outdoor winter use. These now come in all shapes and sizes, so you can either opt for low cost and practical or make a real design statement with a sculptural piece. A great alternative or addition to patio heaters, fire pits encourage a sense of shared community so you can gather round and feel a sense of warmth and belonging as your share stories and drinks long into the night. And who doesn’t love toasting marshmallows on an open flame?

Weather proofing

When buying garden furniture and gazebos, it’s well worth considering weather-proof options that can be used all year round and robust covers to keep larger items looking good. When the covers come off you can adorn your chairs with faux fur throws, chunky knit blankets and warm colourful wool cushions to create a really welcoming area to snuggle up with loved ones. 

Cool cooking

Preparing food outside doesn’t need to be the preserve of the summertime. Consider an outdoor kitchen or a wood-fired pizza oven as barbeque alternatives. This is another way to ensure you can still spend quality family time outdoors in cooler temperatures or you could even host a winter garden party.

Garden games

And if it’s simply too cold to sit still, why not set up some fun games to be played around the garden. Children love a treasure hunt, so why not hide small reflective items that can be easily found by torch light. Or knock large wooden dowels into the lawn and try to land brightly coloured hoops around them.