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10 garden space ideas

11th August 2022
Redrow - Inspiration - 10 Garden Space Ideas 6

Are you stuck on how to transform your garden into a functional outdoor living space that you want to spend time in? Well, here are 10 garden space ideas to help…

1. Zone out: Create different areas in your garden

Redrow | Inspiration | 10 Garden Ideas | wildlife gardenOne way to create a functional garden is to divide it into zones. This is a perfect small garden design idea but will also work for larger gardens. It can be as simple as using different ground coverings such as decking, stones, and turf. Or you could have an ‘adults’ section’, to be used for relaxation and sunbathing as well as outdoor dining, and then a grassy zone, potentially with a kids play area. You can separate the zones with planters, pots or even garden screens. These zones will give you a fully functional garden where every inch is used to its fullest potential.

2. Levelling up

Creating different levels in a garden is another garden living space idea that encourages usability. One way to achieve this is to add steps up to a higher section of the garden, that may be used for alfresco dining, with a turfed area below. This is ideal for keeping the kids’ ball games away from any form any delicious treats you have cooked up on the BBQ. Another idea is to add small steps up to a raised flower bed or vegetable patch, both great focal points for your garden, or an elevated decked area in your sunniest corner.

3. Ready, steady, cook in an outdoor kitchen

Go one step further than the humble BBQ by creating an outdoor kitchen. Not only does this encourage you to spend more time outside during the summer months, but it also effectively gives your home an extra ‘room’. It’s also super convenient and will feel like you’re eating out without leaving your house. Potting tables are ideal for food preparation, and they don’t take up too much space, making them ideal for smaller gardens. Add hooks for utensils, store plates and cutlery underneath and add a galvanised or zinc topped surface to make the clean-up easy too.

4. How to Grow your own

Redrow | Inspiration | 10 Garden Ideas | strawberry pickingHerb gardens, vegetable allotments and edible borders are just three ways that you can grow your own produce at home. And the great thing is that you don’t need much room to do it. You could even upcycle an old wooden table to use as an area for potted herbs. For an edible border simply line one side of your garden with herbs and vegetables that can be harvested all summer long. You could even pick a colour scheme and grow things such as edamame, celery and cucumbers. The benefits of growing your own food speak for themselves so why not give it a go?

Time to dine: Outdoor dining ideas

Redrow | Inspiration | 10 Garden Ideas | couple outdoor dining

Picture this; the sun is shining, the drinks are flowing, and the BBQ is almost ready. Now all you need is the perfect area to eat in. Outdoor tables and seating come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what size space you’re working with, you’ll find the right set for you.

The ideal outdoor tables and chairs are those that can be left outside all year round so there’s no need to pack them away or find the space to store them. You might prefer a more relaxed style with a ‘U’ shaped sofa around a rectangular table or want something a bit more formal; treated or painted wooden tables and chairs work well here.

You can also purchase plastic plates, cutlery and drinking cups. There are some fabulous options on the high street that mimic high-end ceramics and metal. So if there is a spillage, you won’t have to worry about broken crockery or glass.

How to create an outdoor bar

Who doesn’t love an outdoor bar? One advantage is that you won’t have to go inside to make drinks again! Outdoor bars don’t have to take up lots of space so still work well in smaller spaces. You could even grow your herbs on the outdoor bar so things like mint are within easy reach when making your signature cocktails. Look at upcycling an old bookcase or attach a shelf to an exterior wall for a savvy garden space solution. What could be better than having all your favourites close at hand? And you’ll never have to worry about last orders being called!

Lounging around: Outdoor living space ideas

One trend that has been prevalent post-lockdown has been making the garden an extension of your home by bringing the indoors outside. Using items such as weather-proof rugs, cushions and candles help to pull together an outdoor space and create another cosy ‘room’ to unwind in. You could even add outdoor sockets and take the TV or projector outside for movie nights. Items with plenty of colour and patterns work well outdoors and organic prints bring you closer to nature. Other examples of indoor items that work well outside include side tables, lanterns, festoon lights and of course throws for when the nights start to get chilly.

Illusions to make your garden look bigger

Stuck on small garden design ideas and how to make a smaller garden appear larger? Why not try using a mirror on a fence or wall to elongate the space, just as you would inside a home? You could also save precious outdoor square footage by hanging potted plants off a slim shelving unit or pallet fixed to the wall. Slimline options such as a plant stand also work well. This is an ideal garden solution to cover up a boring fence panel or brickwork.

How to bring colour into your garden

When it comes to designing your garden, think of it just like you would a room inside your house. Using colour outside, whether that be through accessories like cushions or painting a wall or fence panel, will add depth to your garden. It will also help plants stand out against the pretty backdrop. A pop of paint on a wall can also help you to create separate zones (see idea 1!) or a feature area. If bright colours aren’t your thing, then try metallics in accessories or go for a monochrome theme.

Luxury garden pods

Redrow | Inspiration | 10 Garden Ideas | interior of garden pod

Pods for the garden are fast becoming a sought-after addition for the home. Whether used as a home office, gym or playroom for the kids, these exterior garden buildings provide a stylish separate place where the family can spend time.

We have just launched a new range of ‘garden pods’. They are available to purchase as an optional extra with your home at selected new developments, via My Redrow. The luxury garden pods - available in three sizes - bring an attractive focal point to any garden. Offering a light and airy internal space, they are fully lined and insulated so they can be used all year round.

Peace of mind

Every new Redrow home is protected by a 10-year NHBC warranty, or equivalent, and NHBC standards also cover external areas including parts of your garden. Our Homeowner Support portal has more information on what is covered by your NHBC warranty and you can read more about NHBC Standards relating to external works on your new home here.

Want to keep reading? Check out our article around making the most of your garden.

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