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New House, New Start, New You!

Written by Redrow

14 Oct 2019

Most of us are familiar with the saying ‘practice makes perfect’

This is why we accept that riding a bike well means spending a lot of time in the saddle, being able to play the guitar like a rock star means having sore fingertips. Well, it’s the same with a house move: those who throw themselves into the new environment will quickly get beyond any initial pain-points. Soon, the new environment will feel as natural as a walk in the park. 

There are always plenty of small groups in every area that welcome new members with open arms, because their very existence depends on you and others like you.

Familiarity breeds contentment

Getting used to your new environment takes a little time. Start slowly by simply unpacking boxes. Getting your things in some kind of order will help you gain a sense of belonging. The things you own will make your new place seem more familiar. Don’t be tempted to overdo the unpacking too quickly. You don’t need everything to be shipshape on day one. 

Get out!

Encourage everyone you’ve moved with to explore their new surroundings. Simply stepping out your front door is a great first step. Smile and talk to any neighbours you bump into. They are likely to tell you about the local area. 

Many Redrow developments feature parks and are around other natural environments that encourage residents to gather. People are also likely to recommend their favourite walks and cycle trails, through woods and alongside rivers and canals. 

Meet people

The single most important thing to do is fitting in with the people around you. Join a local club or two to meet people who share the same interest. Sports clubs are a popular choice with many. Local book clubs or craft centres may suit less active people. There are always plenty of small groups in every area that welcome new members with open arms. If your hobby or interest is particularly rare, why not start a group of your own? 

Invite people around

Have a housewarming party! Doing this before your house is completely organised will provide more talking points, like how long it took your guests to sort out their places and which tradespeople they used for decorating and associated services. You are likely to know only a few people, at best, who live nearby. So, invite your old friends and colleagues over. 

See our blog on garden parties for ideas on the perfect outdoor get-together.

Redrow build homes that fit perfectly into the locality. While the houses are new, they will be inspired from those around them. We also want you to fit into your new home as well as possible. This is why our developments tend to be within easy reach of transport systems, shops and leisure facilities.

What are your best tips on fitting into a new environment? We’d love to hear how you settled into your new surroundings. Drop us a line on one of our social channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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