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The Importance of Light in the Home

Written by Redrow

26 Jun 2020

We all know how important natural light is for our own physical and mental health and there's lots you can do to get enough light sources in the home

Evolving to let light in

While the obvious answer to how you can get more sun is to go outside, it’s important to look at optimising the amount of natural light that comes into the home. 

Most new build homes have natural light as a core principle behind their design but it hasn't always been this way. Many older, Victorian era homes were much more functional. This means they are not suited to the way we live now and can require a lot of change to get the light you need.

For example, a new home in the Heritage Collection comes with bigger than standard bay windows, which flood the home with natural light. They also have taller ceiling heights than normal homes, so there is more room to fill with the light. All homes also have either french or bi-fold doors at the rear which as well as easily connecting you to the outside allow lights to fill your kitchen/dining area.

Why natural light is important

It’s really important we get enough natural light throughout the day, especially if we’re not spending more time at home and in doors. It has vast benefits for both our mental and physical health, helping to naturally calm us and even boost our productivity. The right amount of natural light also increases the levels of vitamin D in the body and has been proven to improve our sleep pattern!

It’s not just you that benefits from natural light, it’s your home, too. It can help keep your home warmer, and your energy bills low. In addition, the more light you get into your home, the less chance there will be any mold.

How to adapt on a budget

If you’re trying to achieve more light but can’t afford an expensive renovation or are not ready to move into a new home, there are still things you can do on how you can get light into a dark room. A fresh lick of light paint can help the light bounce around the house. Additionally, more mirrors can help make the space seem bigger and let the light reach further into the home. Another change you can make is switching thick, dark curtains for white blinds.

See it for yourself

The best way to understand the great ways in which new homes allow light in, is to experience it yourself. Find your nearest show home by typing your location in the search box below.

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