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The Interior Trends to Watch in 2019

Written by Interior Design

22 Nov 2018

As our thoughts turn towards staying warm and cosy at home through the colder autumn and winter months, there are some fabulous new interior design trends emerging to help you create a space you’ll never want to leave.

Latest Trends

From colours and materials to furniture and accessories, we track all the latest trends closely. So, no sooner than new ideas showcased at Europe’s biggest design shows, they are appearing in our Show Homes around the country. Whether you’re looking to add richness and depth or keep your palette minimal and contemporary, there are new colours emerging across the spectrum. Matt black will be 2019’s key colour and this will be reflected across all interior trends. Rich, earthy tones will also be prominent, with baked reds, dusty orange and terracotta creating a beacon-like glow in your home. A spectrum of colours from violet to maroon also add warmth, while shades of pink are a great perennial choice, from brighter millennial pinks to apricot tints and blush hues.

Yellow is continuing to trend with tones as diverse as mustard and acid, while blues in many shades, from vibrant cobalt to pastel blue are also popular choices.

Natural greenery will continue to be a key trend and the emphasis will be on patterned foliage.


Bright or unusual colour pairings are also coming to the fore, favoured by designers in the form of bold geometric patterns. Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, it’s time to look at the key furniture and accessory trends to take you into the new season and beyond. Materials and textures range from raw and rustic to smooth and refined, although most are still heavily influenced by the beauty of the natural world. If, like us, you’re a fan of using sustainable materials then you’ll love the trend for natural fibres and woods. We’re seeing bamboo leaves and mango wood in table tops and other decorative pieces, while cork, wicker and woven plant fibres such as seagrass will be everywhere from kitchens, chairs and room dividers to planters and lighting. Natural greenery will continue to be a key trend and the emphasis will be on patterned foliage.


Careful craftsmanship is very important for 2019 interiors and the exquisite imperfections of raw wood should be celebrated in both large items of furniture and smaller accessories. We’re also big fans of introducing textured and tactile elements with organic folds, creases and curved edges – think accessories made with folded paper, card or wood. Continuing the theme of rich texture, velvet is here to stay and an ever popular choice for chairs, stools and cushions.


Stone and crystals will come through in a range of surprising pieces, while frosted, opaque, ombré and ‘oily’-effect iridescent surfaces will also provide a soothing mood for interiors. For example milky glass and frosting will be seen in accessories such as vases and bowls.


Terrazzo, a composite material created through setting marble, quartz, granite or glass chips within concrete, is going to be hugely popular for flooring and wall treatments, particularly using colourful speckles; as is the trend for marbling and moulded recycled plastics that are playful in style with flecks of colour being layered together in bold, simple forms. Metallics are here to stay with brass and gold remaining prominent, while soft silver also emerges to create a look that’s fresh and sleek.

We hope you love the new trends as much as we do and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our Show Homes soon so we can provide further inspiration.