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The Latest Spring Interior Trends

Written by Interior Design

24 Mar 2021

Spring is synonymous with fresh starts – giving your home a new season makeover is guaranteed to lift your mood. Our in-house head interior designer Alysha Alli has perused the latest virtual trade shows bring the hottest spring interior design trends.

Colour me happy

Colour this season will have two primary functions - to reassure and to uplift. Tones that connect us to nature, flowing with organic pigments, neutral hues and natural dyes, will give us a sense of being grounded and soothed. While digitally inspired colour – such as synthetic pastels, luminous yellow and electronically enhanced blues – will give us a boost.

Alysha says: “As consumers, we are yearning for colour that brings calm and joy. Nature and technology are the leading influences for the new season. 

“Spirulina green is the perfect bridge between pastel and neutral, offering an uplifting take on muted green hues. We’ll see this in ceramics as well as paint and upholstered furniture.  Meanwhile warm earthy neutrals have a grounding power and will play a central role, enriched with layers of deeper brown tones. These work well for kitchenware and soft furnishings to convey comfort and stability. 

“At the opposite end of the spectrum, soft yellow will be bringing sun-kissed brightness to interiors. And following last year's focus on darker blue hues, this year will see punchier sapphire blues creating a bolder impact and ethereal light blues encouraging mindfulness.

“Both colours can create a wonderfully bright accent to rooms if used in statement chairs and accessories.”

Must have house plants

The popularity of houseplants continues to grow. The trend for rarer plants is increasing as consumers become more creative with styling, while faux and dried flowers provide a long-term and on-trend alternative to fresh cut stems.

Alysha says: “The pandemic has accelerated plant ownership and gardening as a hobby but it’s a trend that is set to endure. Increasingly confident consumers are collecting new, lesser-known plant varieties. 

“We’re seeing interiors move into the realms of indoor botanical gardens with lush, layered plants and trailing vines.  A prayer plant is the perfect low maintenance house plant. Its striped leaves will add interest and it’s traditionally a symbol of good things to come. 

“In bigger rooms try more daring options like large and luscious arrangements or leafy living walls.

“For smaller spaces ‘propagation stations’ are a beautiful way to bring the outside in. This involves filling a series of tiny vases and vessels with small stems or cuttings.”

Light up your life

Lighting is as important as ever as it can have an instant impact on your mood, while the light fittings themselves can provide an additional sculptural element to your interior design. New season lighting combines metallised, matte, semi and high-gloss finishes to add surface interest. 

Alysha says: “Organic forms blended with lunar inspired orbs create dramatic and symbolic designs for lamps and ceiling lights. Mix with subtle iridescent effects, sheers and opaque qualities to create a calming ambiance. 

“Plush core fabrics such as velvet, boucle and corduroy add an enticingly fuzzy tactility to lighting when combined with brushed metallic finishes.

“And even though we’re starting to enjoy lighter evenings, the right outdoor lighting is still an important consideration as we look forward to socialising with family and friends outdoors. Festoon lighting creates a magical mood for gardens while your seating area can be enhanced with metallic finish lanterns and white candles in wicker holders.”

Elemental influences

Earthy sun-baked pigments, natural materials and textures continue to lead the way as key furniture trends for the rest of this year and into 2022. 

Alysha adds: “When it comes to furniture, undyed tones, raw tactility and elemental surfaces pave the way for the season ahead and beyond.  In our show homes, we’ll be introducing more mixed metal finishes, soft woods, stone and mineral surfaces to bring comfort, richness and encourage tactility. Marbles, minerals, washed woods and brushed gold will be seen in key piece of furniture: as layered coffee tables, console tables, sideboards and bookcases.

 “We’ll also be using more handmade pieces with subtle imperfect detailing created by using etching or moulding techniques. Overall shapes will be simple and fluid in form, while we’ll be introducing texture on surfaces to convey depth and strength.

“We’ve seen the reinvention of homes offices over the last year and we’ll continue to incorporate multi-use spaces and clever solutions into our show home designs to provide inspiration for people working from home. Organic influences can bring a sense of calm to an otherwise busy space so designs led by nature really work well for a home office.”

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