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10 Best Barbecues from BBQ Magazine

4th August 2021
Redrow | Inspiration | 10 Best Barbecues from BBQ Magazine

We’re taking a hot tour of the market and selecting 10 of our favourite barbecues to get your garden grilling.

We’re delighted to partner with BBQ magazine to inspire you to kit out your outdoor living space with the best barbeques on the market, as well as providing some great tips on cooking, dining and entertaining in 'The 5th room of the Home.' 


The Weber Summit Kamado is designed to deliver temperatures at speed, with consistency, precision and with less fuel than a traditional barbecue.

With an extra-large 24” cooking area the versatile Summit Kamado can sear, smoke, roast and bake for a couple, or for a crowd.

Weber’s Rapidfire lid damper boosts airflow to quickly achieve high heat and ensure precise temperature control, while the durable, dual-walled insulated steel design with porcelain-enamelled finish helps retain heat and moisture for all-day smoking and low and slow style cooking.

With a simple reposition of the fuel grate, the Kamado can quickly sear steaks or grill vegetables.

Redrow | Inspiration | Traeger


The Traeger Pro 575 is fuelled by hardwood pellets. This barbecue infuses every dish you cook with natural smoky flavours – be it roast chicken, seared steak, BBQ ribs or baked bread.

The Pro 575 features a digital controller and WiFIRE technology so you can set, monitor and adjust your grill temperature from your mobile phone.

Busy watching the game? Turn down the temperature or activate the keep warm mode.

Hosting a barbecue? Insert the built-in Traeger probe and chat to guests, your app will tell you when your food is ready. 


Fennek has been on the market since 2017, created by the passion of a group of anglers, grillers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Combined with their professional know-how from the metal construction industry, the idea of mobile, handy and plug-in grills was born.

All stainless steel products from Fennek are sustainably manufactured in Germany from high-quality material.

Whistler Grills

Whistler Grills has developed its Cirencester freestanding barbecues.

The two models – the Cirencester 4 and 6 burners – are standalone grills but can also form the heart of the Cirencester Outdoor Modular Kitchen and both come with five-year warranties.

Features include stainless steel hoods and smooth finish, infra-red back burners and gas side burners, multi-grill interchangeable options and plenty of diverse storage space. 

Redrow | Inspiration | Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe has launched the Kettle Joe – its first kettle grill – to sit alongside its range of premium ceramic grills. With its iconic red shell, Kettle Joe integrates a ceramic firebox and the ability to fit a SloRoller – Kamado Joe’s revolutionary innovation allowing the versatility to transform a grill into an oven or smoker.

This accessibly priced grill has a surface area of 56cm, allowing ample space to grill or smoke large joints or prepare a feast. The Kettle Joe also features a ‘divide and conquer’ system – multilevel, half-rack design, which doubles cooking space and allows you to cook on different levels and surfaces.

Broil King

Canada-based Broil King has redesigned its bestselling barbecue, the Baron gas grill series.

As standard there are six burners, including rear rotisserie burner and side burner, as well as a mains powered rotisserie and cast iron cooking grates.

The cook box has been replaced with Broil King’s cast-aluminium Therma-Cast design, which allows the grids to be angled forward for enhanced grease management.

Illuminated control knobs and stainless steel trim are design features, while locking folding shelves and CE-certified tank cabinet storage ensure plenty of safety elements too.

Redrow | Inspiration | Somerset Grill Co

Somerset Grill Co

The Glastonbury Asado Grill is a fine live-fire cooking experience.

From grilling dry-aged, thick cut rib-eyes to the simplest of chicken wings, the added flavour and theatre of cooking over the red-hot hardwood embers is just right for summer entertainment.

The ability to raise and lower the cooking surface is one of the key features of the grill, giving you full control of the cooking temperature and allowing easy access for the positioning of the embers from its full-width Brazero.


The Professional PRO range is the most advanced of the Professional gas grills from Char-Broil.

Each model features an innovative high-performance ceramic Sear Burner on the side, reaching high temperatures really quickly – 400°C in seven minutes and then up to 900°C – for perfect sear marks and sealed-in flavour.

The PRO also features Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared cooking system, which is designed to provide even cooking across the grill surfaces, with no hot-spots, cold-spots or flare-ups.

Redrow | Inspiration | Aquaforno


The portable Aquaforno is a versatile structure with a telescopic formation.

Each section serves a multitude of cooking functionalities and can be fully dismantled.

The top of the stove has been designed as a pizza oven; flames work their way through the stove to deliver high heat to the pizza stone.

The circular structure means an even heat is consistently applied.

The top section also doubles up as a smoker, perfect for home smoked fish, meats and cheeses, while the smoking hangers can be twisted to the outside doubling as clothes dryer hooks.

The middle section is your grill, while the lower tier of the stove doubles up as a firepit and also has a hot water tap.


The Phantom Prestige 500 grill features four stainless steel main burners, an infrared rear burner for rotisserie dishes, plus an infrared Sizzle Zone side burner for searing restaurant quality steaks.

The new multifunctional warming rack insert also adds another dimension of grilling options, while the new Wave cast stainless steel grill grates ensure long-lasting heat on the main grill surface and the Sizzle Zone side burner.

Safe and stylish evening grilling can be enjoyed with the colourful Safety Glow illuminated control knobs which stand out against the matt black grill. 

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