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5 Autumn/Winter Trends in 2021

7th October 2021
Redrow - Inspiration - 5 Autumn Winter Trends in 2021

There’s a lot to love about this time of year. Autumn brings a chill in the air and a changing colour palette across the landscape. It’s the indication that Winter is just around the corner and time to prepare for the colder days and darker nights.

Changing your decor in line with the season can bring new energy and enjoyment to the home, perfect for a time when you’ll likely be spending more time indoors through the colder months. Here’s some inspiration on how to change your home and make the most of the coming seasons. 

Layer up

This isn’t just about putting on an extra jumper or adding a scarf to your outfit – layering at home can really help to ‘warm up’ the room and create a cosy feel. 

Extra throws and pillows on sofas and beds give additional warmth when you need it, opt for different textures and fabrics to really add depth to both appearance and how you feel when snuggling up on the sofa. 

Redrow | Inspiration | Double Bedroom

Décor inspired by nature

As the trees start to become brown and bare, it’s the perfect time to surround yourself with greenery and nature in the home. A neutral colour palette, soft natural fabrics and a selection of indoor plants creates the perfect homely feel and offer mood boosting benefits throughout the winter months. 

Redrow | Inspiration | Shelf Arrangement

Fill the home with seasonal scents

There are so many ways to create an Autumnal and Winter scent sensation at home. Spiced scented candles bring the season to life and create a cosy feel when lit. Reed diffusors and natural potpourri offer an alternative to candles that scent the room throughout the day – our signature scent Home: By Redrow is a reed diffuser that could be perfect for your time spent at home this Winter. 

The kitchen really becomes the heart of the home during the winter months – baking seasonal treats and filling the air with the scent of spices and cloves will really make it feel like winter is coming. 

Create a reading corner or hobby area

With more time spent indoors over the colder months, why not create a spot for spending more time doing the things you enjoy. A snug reading corner with a comfy chair and lots of throws or an area set up to do more of those hobbies you don’t always have time for during the summer. Whether it’s art, crafts, puzzles or reading, now is the perfect time to enjoy the indoors. 

Redrow | Inspiration | Snug Reading Corner

Embrace the outdoors

Just because it’s getting colder, we still need the fresh air and benefits of being outdoors. Changing our outdoor spaces with the season means we can still enjoy gardens and patios across the Autumn and Winter months. Gardens at Woodborough Grange in Winscombe can be transformed into year round outdoor havens with outdoor heating, extra blankets and some decorative lighting. Let your garden be an extension of your home throughout the year.   

Redrow | Inspiration | Woodborough Grange
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