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5 Best Hot Tubs For Your Garden

31st July 2020
Redrow  Inspiration  A woman wearing a widebrimmed straw hat relaxes in one of the best hot tubs in

Hot tubs have always been seen as a luxury item many have only dreamed of having. As we’ve spent more time being stuck at home, purchases of garden hot tubs have seen an explosion in popularity in the last 3 month with sales rising by 1000% (thisismoney).

What to know before you take the plunge

If you want to get involved with the ultimate in garden-based relaxation there are sizes & prices ranging to suit all budgets making it the perfect way to make the most of the nicer weather and summer evenings.

There are a numbers of things to note prior to purchasing. Firstly you will have to consider the space that you have in your garden and where best placed it would be. Other basic features such as number of seats to the more technical details such as number of jets and what filtration systems are used.

Secondly, you will want to look how much they will cost to run. Some tubs will retain the heat more than others whilst some will need to take more water and filtration.

And finally, do your research online to see what type of hot tub is best suited for you – look at reviews and websites to understand what a hot tub lifestyle is like and how it can benefit you.
We’ve selected our top 5 hot tubs below to suit every budget:

1. The Wave Atlantic

Starting off at the more affordable of the price scale comes from Wave Spas. This inflatable spa can accommodate an average family of 4 and has a super-fast setup which you can get running within 5 minutes! It comes with 110 powerful air jets and the temperature can be controlled up to an impressive 40°C providing you with an experience of unrivaled relaxation which is terrific value for money.
Wave Spas Priced £289.99
Redrow | Inspiration | The Wave Spas Wave Atlantic hot tub

2. Lay-z Spa Bali

Another affordable hot tub, but with a twist! The Lay-z Spa Bali can seat 2-4 people comfortably which comes with a rapid 40°C heating system meaning this can be inflated and heated in no time. And to really sense of transporting yourself to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean an impressive 7 colour LED lighting system illuminates the water to match your mood.
Argos – Priced £400
Redrow | Inspiration | The Lay-z Spa Bali hot tub

3. Canadian Spa Okanagan

If you are looking to kit your garden out with something a little more special this 4-person spa is perfect in providing that wow factor with high-end features and design that won’t break the bank. With 10 well positioned jets which are controlled by a digital control panel and a deep floor, this hot tub provides ample space for you to relax to the soothing sounds of the moving water.
The Range – Priced £2,995
Redrow | Inspiration | The Canadian Spa Okanagan hot tub

4. Skargards Regal

If you are looking too really impress, look no further than this wood-fired hot tub providing an authentic Scandinavian experience for you and up to 7 people from your back garden. The integrated stove is ingeniously designed to provide maximum efficiency from thermal loss and natural circulation ensuring an even temperature in the tub without the need from pumps or electrical components - which is ideal if you are concerned about running electrical power to your tub. This one is definitely fit for royalty!
Skargards – Priced £3,790
Redrow | Inspiration | The Skargards Regal hot tub

5. Jacuzzi J-425IP

Finally, at the top end of scale is the Jacuzzi. Whether you are looking for entertainment for up to 5 or massage therapy, this appeals to both. With the spacious open seating to the PowerPro® jets which can be controlled by a state-the-art control panel that rotate and swirl stimulating and penetrating your muscles from your neck to your feet. When it comes to quality and design, this is the epitome of hot tubs which would look stunning in any patio or backyard space.
Jacuzzi – Priced £12,499

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