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5 Tips From a Sustainability Influencer

4th November 2021
Redrow  Inspiration  5 Top Tips for Sustainable Living Monika Poppy 2

The rise of eco influencers on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube is giving momentum to the sustainability movement and bringing together communities of likeminded individuals with a focus on living greener.

Monika Poppy, whose Instagram account - @sustainabilityiscool - has more than 15,000 followers, is one such influencer who is inspiring others with her relatable advice.

In this article Monika shares her top five tips to live more sustainably.

Redrow | Inspiration | Have a No Meat Day Every Week

Have at least one ‘no meat’ day a week.

Monika says: “Meatless Mondays is a movement that has been around for quite some time but you can tailor this to your routine in a way that suits you.

“Meat production causes environmental harm through greenhouse gases and the excessive use of water and energy to sustain meat farming. So going meatless for just one or two days a week will be better for both the environment and your health.”

Redrow | Inspiration | Try Growing Your Own Herbs

Try growing your own herbs

We’re with Monika that fresh is definitely best. She says: “Growing your own herbs is actually a lot easier than expected and homegrown tastes a lot better than food that travels long distances before it reaches your home. If you’re bad with remembering when to water the plants, or you’re away from home a lot, get a self-watering pot.”

Redrow | Inspiration | Ditch Plastic Bottles Invest Water Filtering System

Ditch plastic bottles and invest in a home filtering system

Many of us are already taking steps to reduce our usage of single use plastic, as Monika explains: “We have all heard that plastic water bottles are bad as they end up in landfill, but many of us don’t like the taste of tap water. There are now many affordable filtering devices that you can easily buy and they are placed on top of your counters removing the hassle of having one installed.”

Redrow | Inspiration | Mix Old and New

Mix old and new

“For every clothing or homeware piece that you buy new, try to incorporate another that’s bought second hand,” says Monika. “The online second hand platforms have made the process so much simpler than ever before. You can easily search for specific items that you have in mind. Also always remember that if something you like isn’t in the colour scheme you want, you can always make it into a DIY project. I have countless vases at home that I have bought second hand and then repainted to suit my personal taste.”

Redrow - Inspiration - Broken Is Not End Of All

Broken is not the end of all

Monika’s final tip is to go against the grain of always striving to buy new and look to repair gadgets where possible. She adds: “We are always encouraged to buy the latest and newest when it comes to tech and home appliances but remember that the old or broken usually ends up in landfill. Over the years more and more repair services have developed to help with mending products that are damaged or no longer work and, if you loved your item before it broke, then there may be no need to replace it with a new one; always see if it can be fixed first.”

For more useful tips and advice follow Monika at @sustinabilityiscool on Instagram or see our 12 Sustainability Tips for the Home.

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