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How to Give Your House Kerb Appeal

22nd December 2023
Redrow Inspiration - Kerb Appeal- 65332

First impressions count and that includes the one your home makes. Whether you’re selling your home or simply want to impress visitors, we’ve put together a handy guide detailing how to improve kerb appeal.

Read on to discover what is kerb appeal and how to add character to the front of your new home.

What is kerb appeal?

1. In simple terms, kerb appeal is how attractive a property looks from the street. It’s generally considered as one of the most important factors in selling a home.

Redrow Inspiration - Kerb Appeal - 65605

2. Make your home look inviting from the outside and people will want to look inside. Experts suggest that potential purchasers are more likely to arrange to view a home with strong kerb appeal.

3. Kerb appeal ideas include improving things such as landscaping, painting the exterior, and replacing or updating the front door.

4. With online property listings, digital kerb appeal is important to attract in person viewings, so bear in mind what will look good in photographs too. With our Help to Sell scheme you could secure a buyer for the property you want to move from quickly and simply. You may even be able to trade in your old home with part exchange.

How to improve kerb appeal

A few small cosmetic changes, that are low in cost and effort, can help improve kerb appeal. Before you even get to your front door there are lots of ways to make your home more appealing, starting with the approach to your home.

1. Keep it clean and tidy – no-one wants to wade through a jungle just to get to the front door.

2. Avoid clutter outside the home, just like you would inside. Keep garden ornaments to a minimum and ensure the entrance to your home is easily accessible and free from items that visitors would need to step over. Remove any empty pots and tidy away tools or toys.

3. Regularly remove any weeds, especially on the path, cut back any dead plants and sweep away debris such as fallen leaves. Consider giving the same treatment to the pavement and roadside immediately in front of your home.

4. Pressure wash the path and driveway to remove dirt and stains.

5. Replace any broken slabs from your path that could cause a trip hazard.

6. Fix or replace garden gates or give them a lick of paint, and do the same with walls and fences.

7. Spruce up your entrance porch to give visitors a warm welcome to your home.

Front garden ideas

Front gardens play an important role, particularly in towns and cities, where they can breathe life into streets, provide wildlife habitats and reduce pollution. They can also make us feel good about where we live. Follow these front garden ideas to help improve the kerb appeal of your home.

Redrow Inspiration - Kerb Appeal - 63558

1. If you have a lawned area, keep it short, well-fed and watered and weed-free as this can provide a focal point.

2. Choose evergreen plants to add colour and texture, while ensuring your garden looks sharp all year round. They can be used to highlight the boundary to your property, offering privacy and wind protection. Some evergreens can be clipped into decorative shapes such as balls or pyramids, while others offer a low-maintenance solution, perfect for those looking for simple front garden ideas. Yew or lollipop bays are popular options for framing the front door.

3. Bedding plants or wildflowers in borders and raised beds can add pops of colour. Cosmos can be sown in borders or in pots. They’re easily grown from seed and will bloom for months, potentially through to the first frost.

4. Use different sizes of brightly filled pots to give a lift to paved areas. Fill hanging baskets or wall mounted planters with cheery colours to add height to a garden and break up the brick.

5. If you’re looking for small front garden ideas, pots and planters are a practical solution that can make a splash even in a bijou garden space. When choosing your pots consider natural or artisan materials, ideally in shades that complement those of the house itself.

Door décor ideas

Your front door is a prime focus so make sure it creates a positive impression so that potential purchasers want to see inside your home.

1. If your front door is wooden, give it a fresh coat of paint in a classic heritage colour – like those always used by Redrow – such as navy, sage green or charcoal grey. For a sense of cohesion, you could use the same paint colour for other outdoor features such as fencing or trellises.

2. If you have a composite or UPVC door, make sure to clean it in advance of photographs being taken for online listings and before in-person viewings.

3. Polish metal letterboxes, house numbers, door knockers and ensure they are securely in place and aligned. Consider replacing them if they’re past their best.

4. Wreaths are increasingly popular in all seasons, including spring, as the fashion for ‘doorscaping’ continues. They add instant decoration, which can be changed with foliage to reflect the changing seasons, and give personality to the entrance to your home.

5. A Smart video doorbell can be added via My Redrow. With a 1400 diagonal field of view, plus high quality speaker and microphone you’ll be able to see and speak to people at your door even when you’re not home.

Front of house furniture ideas

If your front garden is south facing you may spend more time there in the summer, trying to catch the sunshine and enjoy the warmth.

1. Add a bench or small table and chairs to create a welcoming outdoor space, where you can read or chat with neighbours.

2. Wooden furniture can be painted to complement your home, as can metal which adds style with simplicity. Consider paint colours that coordinate or contrast with the colour of your front door.

3. Scented candles in natural and rustic holders or lanterns can provide a pretty, ornamental addition and keep fluttering insects away in the evenings.

Outdoor lighting ideas

A front lantern, or downlight inside recessed entranceways, features as standard with all Redrow homes. Other exterior lighting options are available through My Redrow, along with the ability to add security cameras. Read on to explore options for outdoor lights that could add to the kerb appeal of your home.

Redrow Inspiration - Kerb Appeal - 64089

1. Outdoor solar lights are ideal for sunny south facing spots and will help reduce your energy consumption.

2. R Miniature festoon lights can be used to decorate shrubs and fencing.

3. A set of contemporary fence lights can help illuminate fence panels and will create a feature.

4. Linear lighting beneath the edges of a path creates a ‘floating’ effect and highlights an area that should be kept clear.

5. Character lamps add fun and luminous colour

6. Motion sensitive outdoor lighting can be used as a security feature.

Discover the lighting trends for 2024 here.

Keep it clean and tidy

Maintaining a clean and tidy home should include its exterior as this will elevate your property’s kerb appeal. Factor in time to regularly carry out the following jobs:

1. Sweep and jetwash the path to keep it clear of debris such as fallen leaves and weeds. Occasionally extend this to the pavement and road immediately in front of your home.

2. Keep hedges and lawns neatly trimmed, remembering to water and treat lawns to keep them looking green. We include turfed front gardens with our homes.

3. Paint or treat fences and gates and repair or replace any broken panels. We include a side gate and side fence with or homes.

4. Store bins out of view. If you can’t hide them away, try to put them somewhere neat where they don’t attract attention and, if possible, invest in storage to house them.

5. Clean the windows inside and out, including the frames. Clean windows will help make your home seem brighter from the inside too.

Eager to move but have a property to sell? Read our guide to how to sell your home. If you want to discover how to add character to a new build, follow our top tips.

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