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Now trending: Top bathroom ideas 2023

24th May 2023
Redrow - Inspiration The Bleinham Bathroom

When it comes to making a clean start in a new home, bathroom interior design can occasionally be overlooked. Our head of interiors, Alysha Alli believes bathroom design goes hand in hand with sleek, minimalist style and a ‘less is more’ approach is key. Here she brings you the latest bathroom trends and ideas for how to style a bathroom in 2023.

“In modern bathrooms, where suites tend to be white, a minimalist aesthetic works really well,” explained Alysha from our expert interiors team. “This doesn’t mean everything needs to be white, but complementary natural tones and just a few key accessories ensures your space looks stylish without becoming overcrowded."

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What are the new bathroom trends in 2023?

We’ve recently introduced a new range of bathroom cabinets and storage options by Roper Rhodes, which are available to Redrow customers who want to upgrade and personalise their home. These feature more curved corners, with matt and gloss options available in white and stone, creating a really contemporary, sharp look. We’re also looking to bring in more colours to the range including a carbon black to provide a contrast to our white suites.

Mirrors are an integral part of any bathroom. Trends have moved towards circular forms and rounded corners and we’ve ensured our range reflects this. Our customers can choose from a wide array of bathroom mirrors, including flat-hanging mirrors or cabinets. In some of our homes, we offer up to 11 mirror choices for bathrooms.

Smart mirrors, which have sockets for charging your phone or shaver or play music, are also a major new trend. Technology is spilling over into new areas of our lives and multiuse tech is big news.

Redrow - Inspiration - The Bleinham double vanity

What colours to paint a bathroom?

“When using paint in a bathroom, I like to pick one of two key accents and, often, I will keep these very relaxed and neutral,” said Alysha. “We avoid white as it can feel clinical and stronger tones work really well in en-suites, where you can pick up an accent colour from the adjoining bedroom, or go one shade darker to have subtle contrast."

If you do opt for painted walls in place of full height tiling in your home, don’t shy away from darker hues. I’m often asked how to make a bathroom look bigger than it might be. So people can be surprised that I like to use deep tones in a bathroom or cloakroom, as it’s a small space. But it can help to create a real feeling of sanctuary and warmth, like you’re being enveloped by the depth of the colour. Paired with comforting accessories and natural greenery it can ensure you create a really relaxing space.

If you’re painting full-height walls in a bathroom, Alysha’s top three tones from Dulux are the neutral shades of:

  1. Romney Wool
  2. Quartz Grey
  3. Pebble Grey 

If you have half-height tiling, Alysha recommends these six Dulux paint colours for all walls above your tiling:

  1. Waxed Khaki
  2. Pewter Plate
  3. Rosemary Leaf 
  4. Masters Gold
  5. Lead Grey
  6. Forest Grey 

Alysha also believes downstairs cloakrooms, like those in our Cambridge, Oxford Lifestyle and Stratford designs, are places where you can really express your personality and explore the quirkier side of your style.

She added: “The downstairs cloakroom is a feature that all our homes share and it’s one of those spaces where it’s fun to be a little more imaginative. It’s not a space where many of us will spend too much time, but it’s a great place to wow and surprise visiting guests. Choosing a bold colour – like Dulux Mud Lark or Masters Gold – and wrapping it on all four walls, and potentially even the ceiling, can look fabulous. Add some quirky artwork and some metallic shelving and you’ll be surprised by how much interest you can create in a small space."

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Redrow - Inspiration - The Hampstead bathroom

What adds the most value to a bathroom?

High quality suites and tiling are two of the biggest investments you can make in your bathroom, with both adding value and longevity to your design. Our in-house interiors team has worked with our suppliers to design our own bespoke tile ranges. Customers can choose from splash back tiling as standard or upgrade via My Redrow to full height or half height tiling.

Alysha said: “Our range of tiles is constantly evolving and we work closely with our suppliers to stay ahead of trends."

“Tiling is a great way to introduce complementary tones and textures to elevate your white bathroom suite. For example, we have designed a new range with Johnson Tiles for our homes with new textures and shimmer elements, which bring movement and interest to our homeowners’ walls."

“If you’re looking for on-trend tiling inspiration, it may be a surprising choice but brown is a key colour for interiors this year and marbled tiles with brown veining is one of my favourite current looks.”

Redrow - Inspiration - The Stratford cloak room

What is the most popular bathroom fixture finish in 2023?

For those looking to push the envelope of bathroom design, black and bronze fixtures are making waves in the interior design world in 2023. Alysha said: “We’re going to be seeing a rise in bronze and matt black finishes for bathroom fixtures and fittings like taps, towel rails and shower screens.

“These tones also make excellent accent colours to bring a timeless elegance to your bathroom scheme and can be brought in through accessories like edged mirrors or metallic framed shelving.”

Redrow - Inspiration - The Pickmere Bathroom

How to style a bathroom in 2023?

When it comes to introducing accessories in your bathroom, Alysha’s advice is to keep your space free from clutter and keep items to a minimum.

She said: “I love to add some opulent cosmetics like White Company or Meraki soaps as this creates the scents and feeling of a luxurious spa. Boards over baths are also a great place to store essentials like soaps, bath salts, and even display hanging greenery to bring in the biophilic trend, which uses the nourishing power of nature to enhance your living space."

“I always add a plant or reed diffuser to the windowsill. If you have space, a small shelving unit is another place you can store cosmetics and display natural trailing greenery."

“When it comes to towels, I like to use either white, to correlate with the suite, or choose a hue that will tie into the rest of the interior. If it’s an en-suite you are styling, then take inspiration for the colours from the neighbouring bedroom.”

For more interior style ideas, read up on the latest trends for 2023.

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