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What Goes Into a Bespoke Development

30th August 2019
Redrow - Inspiration - What Goes Into a Bespoke Development

Understanding the unique characteristics of an area helps us create developments with the sensitivity they deserve. Our master planner, Kevin Parker, explains the thinking that goes into a bespoke Redrow development. He also shares details of a development that embodies that thinking.

“When we look at a new site, we ask ourselves what we can do to really make it work,” Kevin begins. “What do the people who already live in the area really want? What features would complement what’s already there? The answers to these kinds of questions give us the vision for every new Redrow development.”

Can you explain this in more detail?

“Yes. We rely on a set of principles, known as the Redrow 8 which we use as a framework to help us create new communities that fit into the local area. We do this by carefully considering a number of different things.

“We think carefully about each site’s characteristics and qualities. In many ways every site has its own story and our responsibility is to continue that story. For example, we identify features like what the potential views look like, towards and away from the site. We always want to make the most of those views.

“If possible, we retain any built or natural features, like mature trees, for example. Keeping such focal points, which may have been around for a hundred years or more, helps the development blend into the area. A mature tree that’s been around for generations doesn’t just provide interest; it helps people find their way around more easily. And obviously, it’s good for the local wildlife to keep these natural features.

Redrow | Inspiration | Redrow Houses In Different Styles

Hear, hear…

“We also listen to people in the community, so we can understand the essential nature of the area. This approach allows us to develop in a way that adds to and complements what already exists,” Kevin continues.

“We even take the wider locality into consideration. There are lots of things that make up the character of a place, including building materials and colours, how it connects to places nearby, what type of boundaries it has, like its hedges, stone walls and railings.

“Whenever we develop in an area with such distinctive features, we always look to reflect them in our proposals to ensure the new community knits perfectly into its surroundings.”

Redrow | Inspiration | Detached Redrow Home

Can you give me one or two examples of distinctive features that are the hallmark of a Redrow development?

“For me, the two most distinctive features of any Redrow development are:

  • The very high-quality design and detailing of each home, which combine to create beautiful street scenes
  • Our landscape-led approach to beautiful streets means we include deep front gardens as well as have trees along our streets to make them more attractive”

Redrow | Inspiration | Redrow New Build Houses

So, can you bring all that together? Can you talk about a development that incorporates the things you’ve discussed here?

“Well, take our development in Towcester, for example. Burcote Park nestles within the stunning surroundings of Wood Burcote. Here, we incorporated the kind of features that dominated the local area, like stone window sills, timber lintels, heather roof tiles, natural slate and buff stone. All families really needed to do was choose which of the three, four or five-bedroom homes suited them best,” Kevin concludes.

Redrow | Inspiration | Burcote Park Development Are you looking for a new home that you can really fit into? Visit our website to find the perfect development near you.