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Your guide to moving

When it comes to moving house, there are so many things to think about that it can often become a very tiring process. However, with a little forward planning you can enjoy a stress free move. Our step by step guide to moving house covers a checklist of everything that you need to do from four weeks before the move to after you have moved in to make sure that your experience is as easy as possible.

Four weeks to go

The first thing you want to do when moving house is to research and appoint a removal firm, ensuring that they are properly insured and that you know exactly what they are prepared to do. Make sure you have lots of boxes, wide adhesive tape and newspaper, tissue or bubble wrap and then begin to clear out your cupboards, loft and garage and pack any non-essential items. You will also need to let everyone know what your new address will be, the date that you will be moving there and arrange for your post to be redirected to your new home.

A family of 4 after moving house

Two weeks to go

You now want to start using up all of the food in your freezer and continue packing any items you won’t need before you move. Arrange for someone to look after your children and pets whilst you are moving and organise any time off work if necessary. You should also contact your gas, electric, telephone and water companies to let them know about the move and arrange for your home contents insurance to be transferred to your new home as of your move in day.

A child and a dog prepare to move house

One week to go

You should cancel newspapers, milk and any local subscriptions you may have, make sure you have paid all of your bills and contact the removal firm to double check your booking. Finish packing up your house but leave your vacuum cleaner and any cleaning products unpacked for that last once-over on the morning of the move. You should also ring the local authority and order your wheelie bin for your new home.

A couple finishing packing before moving house

The day before

Pack your overnight bags, leave out clothes for the next day and get together your moving day ‘survival kit’ including a kettle, tea, coffee, sandwiches, snacks, washing up liquid, tea towels and a hand towel. Let the telephone company know when you want your telephone disconnecting and call your insurance company to double check that your new contents cover will be in force on the morning of the move. You should also defrost your fridge and freezer and make sure you have cash ready for any unforeseen circumstances on your moving day.

A Redrow house and garden

The morning of the move

Make sure you are up early, get breakfast out of the way and then wash up and pack any last items you have left out. Call your gas and electric companies to give them your final meter readings before you leave. You will need to keep your file containing valuable documents relating to the move with you all times and also carry any valuables securely with you to your new home.

A couple arriving at their new house

After you move in

Now that you have moved in it’s time for you to familiarise yourself with your new Redrow home and the surrounding areas. To help you settle in we have created over 100 How-To videos that cover a range of topics and provide useful information about your new home. Please be vigilant when you are out and about as the development may still be under construction. At no time should you enter any construction area without being accompanied by the Site Manager or wearing the appropriate protective equipment for your own safety.


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