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Our Redrow Story: Going Back to Where it Started

Written by Redrow

27 May 2020

For Trish and Trevor, there was a certain serendipity to their move to Woodford Garden Village. We find out all about it and how their new home suits their lifestyle to a tee.

A rare connection

‘Flying is in your blood, it’s the sheer joy of being up in the air and being able to do things you can’t do down on the ground’. This is Trevors rather poetic take on his life as a pilot in the RAF. And his story is rather poetic too. Until 1971, Trevor flew the Vulcan aircraft, which was built yards from where their new home now stands. 

Trevor, now retired, volunteers at the Avro heritage museum next to the development. What he did not know until he started was the original Vulcan on display was one he himself flew all those years ago.

The perfect location

It was Trish who was responsible for finding their new home. She told us she came across Woodford Garden Village after looking at a few developments nearby. According to Trish it was the Redrow concept of garden villages which she fell in love with, mainly because of how ‘family friendly’ it is. Trish went on to talk about how she loves the community spirit of a new build development and that ‘everyone helps each other’. 

The idea of community and family was a big reason for them to make the move. For Trish, hosting her friends for champagne and lunch on the patio is the highlight of her week. As well as friends on the development, the pair love that they are close to the social scene of Manchester and Wilmslow but can be in the Derbyshire hills just as quickly. They even play golf together a couple of times a week at the nearby 9 hole course.

Rightsizing, not downsizing

Once they had decided where to live, the next step was deciding which home they wanted. Trevor had bought new before. This would be the third time but his first Redrow home and he had high praise for the sales team. ‘With Redrow, it was a seamless experience’ he said, while Trish added that the sales team had been ‘friendly, professional and helpful’. 

The pair fell for The Richmond straight away as for them it was the perfect size and they loved the layout. Trish particularly loved the ease and peace of mind that came with everything being new and having a guarantee.

It wasn't just the home they fell in love with though. Trevor recalled his appreciation of the Heritage Collection as a whole saying ‘all the homes have a feature which makes you say “I like that”. It’s an eclectic mix of very nice designs’.

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