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Your Fairtrade Fortnight Shopping List!

Written by Sustainability

19 Feb 2021

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is an arrangement which ensures people receive a fair wage for the goods they produce. By swapping some basic items in your shopping trolley for Fairtrade items, you will be playing a huge part in transforming the lives of farmers and workers across the globe.

The Fairtrade arrangement helps producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions by paying producers a fair price for goods, and improving their standard of living.  This ensures wages cover all farming costs, access to a nutritional diet and provides access to healthcare and children’s education. 

Look out for the Fairtrade logo on the items listed below whilst doing your weekly shop!

1) Bananas – All of the major supermarkets in the UK sell Fairtrade Bananas. The price of a banana bought in a UK supermarket has dropped from around 18p a decade ago to just 11p now! By purchasing them Fairtrade, you can rest assured that producers are guaranteed a fair price for their bananas. 

2) Chocolate – Our favourite Fairtrade chocolate is ‘Divine Chocolate’ which is owned by farmers, able to buy from Waitrose or online at Amazon. 

3) Coffee –   Fairtrade coffee is sold in all our major supermarkets. Coffee shops such as AMT Coffee, Wicked Coffee and Starbucks also purchase and sell Fairtrade coffee.  

4) Cold Juice and Drinks- look out for some Fairtrade juice options. Did you know Greg’s sell Fairtrade juice in their stores?

5) Tea- Approximately 70,000 cups of tea are drunk per second across the globe. By swapping your regular tea for Fairtrade brands such as Clipper, you could make a huge difference.

6) Sugar, spreads and oil- Sugar is regularly used in our cooking and baking. By purchasing Fairtrade products such as Billington’s, we could make a positive difference to sugar producers.

7) Spices and herbs- There are some fantastic Fairtrade herbs and spices available in many supermarkets, for example Sainsbury’s.